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Sticky Green Algae Facts That’ll Stick With You For Life

Sticky Green Algae Facts That’ll Stick With You For Life

Green Algae Facts

This blog covers sticky green algae facts that’ll stick with you for life!

Green Algae, my younger brother and I had a weird moment once.

My brother observed a green layer (inside the water) in our house plant pot. He touched it and,

He: Eeeee…ye kya hai??

Me: Greeeeeen Algaeeeee! Haww! Tunne isse chhoo liya…?? Ab toh you would get blisters all over your skin!!

He has been terribly disgusted by the plant ever since, but hey lil’ brother, no worries! Read some interesting green algae facts, and steadily, you’ll begin to love ‘em:

  1. What makes Green Algae green?
  • Contain chlorophyll A and B making them green in colour.
  • Consisting of Chlorophyta and Charophyta.
  • The plant is derived from Charophyte.
  • Mainly found in freshwater.
  • Multicellularity is possible.
  • Have chloroplasts.
Green Algae Facts

2. They are a large, informal grouping of algae.


via UCMP

  1. Purpose of Green Algae (other than providing oxygen)
  • These are food for sea animals and humans.
  • These plants are used for the Treatment of Cancer.
  1. Is green algae safe to swim?
  • It creates skin issues.
  • The common green algae cannot harm you–“yes, my lil’ brother! Don’t worry”)
  • BUT! The bacteria feeding on the algae is harmful–“toh padh lia kar, ni toh yu hi bevkoof banate rahenge sab!”

5. Algae are necessary to humans in the sort of food and medicine.

6. Fossilized Algae are used to create dynamite.


via aqueon

7. Algae may be capable of helping conserve the planet.

8. Kelps are the largest Algaes, more than 200 feet.


via plantlife

9. There are over 400,000 recognized species of algae.

So these were the green algae facts that we are sure, must have left your jaw-dropped! Right?

And my dear brother, now you know, “No matter how politely one says it, we owe our existence to the farts of blue-green algae.” – Diane Ackerman

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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