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Green Tea: The Modern Age Sip

Green Tea: The Modern Age Sip


Green Tea is a 5,000-years-old gem which got its hype in the 21st-century. Thus, the “struggle is real”.

And in this blog, we will be talking about the journey of this amazing Tea with you!

1. Green-Tea was born and brought up in China’s Yunnan province, known as the land of Camellia Sinensis, the only main ingredient of all teas.

Origin Of Green Tea

2. Like most discoveries, this was also accidental in nature when suddenly in 2737 BC leaves from a tea tree fell into the cup of the inventor of Chinese Medicine, Shennong Yan Emperor.


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3. The Buddhist realized the healing and calming abilities of green-tea, carrying them to India via the Silk Route, where they harvested, produced and used it.

Tea Leaves

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4. Been in trend because of its weight-loss qualities (which, by the way, are not true!), this bitter beverage has a lot of health benefits to offer.

Gree Tea

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5. Firstly, good news for all the Green Tea lovers! You are at low risk of cancer as polyphenols present in the tea fights it head-on.

Green Tea Leaves

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6. Researchers have also found a correlation between the intake of this tea and a lower risk of heart diseases and strokes.

Making of Green Tea

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7. This Tea has also proven to be a boon to people with skin problems like acne and ageing because of its various antioxidant properties.

8. A safe source of energy as it has less amount of caffeine in comparison to other teas, this beverage has a love-hate relationship with a lot of people.

9. Think of all the different types of teas you can as you will be shocked to hear that they all are children of the same plant and the only difference lies in the way they are produced.

10. The preferred time to drink this type of  Tea is 2-hours after or before a meal according to one’s preference.

Drinking Of Green Tea

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11. Nonetheless, a high dosage of green tea is not advisable.

Green Tea

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Indeed, what more do we need but a sip of green tea while singing: “Ek green tea ki pyali ho, aur sehat ka dhyan rakhne wali ho!”


So, when are you picking up the habit of drinking Green-Tea?

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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