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Grihapati: The Master of All Directions & Seventh Avatar Lord Shiva

Grihapati: The Master of All Directions & Seventh Avatar Lord Shiva

Sarthak Mittal

Grihapati was the seventh incarnation of Lord Shiva. As you scroll down the screen, learn everything you need to know about this Shiva Avatar:

1. The Seventh Avatar of Shiva is known as Grihaptai, which means head/master of the house.


2. The story behind this incarnation of Shiva goes as follows: Once upon a time, there was a Brahmin named Vishvanar, who was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. He had a devoted wife, Shuchismati.

3. Vishwanar agreed to his wife’s desire of having a son just like Lord Shiva.

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4. To please Lord Shiva, Vishwanar went to Kashi to do penance. He started worshipping Vishveshwar Linga with supreme devotion.


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5. After being pleased by his devotion, Lord Shiva appeared before him from Shivalinga. Vishwanar then expressed his desire. The kind Lord agreed to take birth as his son.

6. After some time, Shuchismati gave birth to a beautiful child. Lord Brahma named the child Grihapati.

7. When Grihapati turned 6, he was already an expert of all Vedas and scriptures. He was thus an intelligent child.

8. When Grihapati was still 9-years-old, Narada visited Vishwanar, informing him about the upcoming death of his child because of some wrong combination of planets.


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9. After knowing this, Vishwanar explained everything to his wife, Shuchismati. He was unaware that Grihapati had also heard everything. The child comforted his parents, going to Kashi for the penance of Lord Shiva.

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10. After some time, Indra arrived there, asking him to demand anything he wished but Grihapati refused. Indra became angry and tried to attack his Vajra when Shiva appeared before him.


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11. Lord Shiva stopped Indra, blessing Grihapati that Vajra would not be able to kill him and instead make him a Lord of all directions.


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Later, Shivalinga which Grihapati worshipped became famous as Agnishwar Linga.

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