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Guinness Icecream world records to break!

Guinness Icecream world records to break!



If you think ki ice cream is your passion! And you can never get tired of it! We have a challenge for you, actually Nine! Toh Aa Dekhe Zra tujh me Kitna h dum!


1) The Most Ice Cream Scoops on a Cone

With a scoop measuring six feet four inches tall and one foot ten inches wide, Dimitri Panciera of Italy set the world record for the biggest scoop of ice cream. But his record-breaking streak didn’t end there. In 2017, he balanced 121 ice cream scoops on a single cone.


2) The most ice cream was consumed in 6 minutes!

Miki Sudo set this world record in 2017 at the Indiana State Fair by eating 16.5 gallons of ice cream in 6 minutes. She accomplished this by consuming 2.75 pints (roughly a third of a gallon) every minute!


3) The World’s Longest Ice Cream Sundae

At the Spirit of Texas Festival, held in Wolf Pen Creek, Texas, in 2018, an ice cream sundae of 1 mile in length set a world record. Five Hundred gallons of ice cream, 2,000 cans of whipped cream, and 20,000 cherries went into the creation.


4)The World’s Largest Ice Cream Scoop Pyramid

Diplom-Is AS of Sweden set this world record in 2017. The pyramid weighed 1,102 pounds, stood three feet seven inches tall. It had twenty-three scoop layers.

 It was built by a team of two hundred seventy-eight people!


5) Tallest Ice cream Cone

The world record was set in 2015 by Hennig-Olsen Is AS and Trond L Wien of Norway with an ice cream cone that measured 10 feet 1.26 inches from the tip of the cone to the highest part of the scoop. After breaking the record, the ice cream cone was flown to Kristiansand Harbour, Norway, and distributed to people attending the Tall Ships Race.


6) The Biggest Scoop of Ice Cream

It’s critical to get the perfect scoop, especially when it’s resting on a cone. Getting the best LARGEST scoop, on the other hand, requires some effort! Kemps attended the Cedarburg Strawberry Festival in Wisconsin on June 28, 2014, and scooped up one massive serving of ice cream. It was 5’6″ tall and 6’2″ wide! “What flavour?” you inquire. Of course, strawberry!


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7) The Longest Line of People Sucking Ice Cream

Creativity is essential when it comes to breaking records! During the record-breaking event, the ice cream shop Morelli’s Portstewart in the United Kingdom (also known as the Ice Palace) hosted 2,728 people. That is an enormous amount of ice cream!


8) The World’s Largest Human Ice Cream Cone

Nestle (China) LTD Ice Cream gathered 478 participants in colour-coordinated clothing on December 18, 2019, and formed a human ice cream cone. The cone stood 15 metres tall, and the “scoop” was 9 metres long.


9) Largest Parade of Ice Cream Trucks/Vans

Can you hear the bells now? On October 16, 2018, a parade of 84 ice cream trucks and vans passed through Crewe, UK. The Ice Cream Van Dream Team completed the record.


We are sure your mind is blown off! Do tell us in the comment section your thoughts!

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