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9 Guinness World Records Made By Indians That Are Peculiar & Jaw-Dropping!

9 Guinness World Records Made By Indians That Are Peculiar & Jaw-Dropping!


Guinness World Records made by Indians will probably top the list when it comes to doing amazing, unique and strange things.


Here’s the list of the Guinness World Records made by Indians:

1. Does stuffing straws in the mouth excite you? No? Well, it sure does excite Mr Karate Nataraj. He stuffed 650 straws in his mouth. It earned him a Guinness World Record to stuff the most number of straws in the mouth. The record was made in Salem, Tamil Nadu, on 25 August 2018.

Mr Karate Nataraj

2. Eating worms is not something a normal man would do or would even like to do. Wait! Till you meet Mr John Peter from Coimbatore. He set a world record of eating the most worms in a minute. Moreover, his diet comprises earthworms and dragonflies.

Mr John Peter

via dailymail

3. Iron stomach can’t be a reality. Pandit Dhayagude from Mumbai proved it’s possible. He had the most number of motorcycles run over him, weighing 257kg each.

Pandit Dhayagude

via quora

4. Nilanshi Patel from Gujarat, Modasa, has the longest hair ever on a teenager. They measure 200cm (6ft 6.7in). It takes her half an hour to dry and an hour to comb her hair.

5. It takes years for people to master the perfect kathak spin. Shubham Tiwari of Lucknow, India, earned a Guinness world records title for performing the most (130) kathak spins in a minute.

Shubham Tiwari guinness world record

via page3star

6. Is growing fingernails your passion? Shridhar Chillal from Pune made it his passion by growing the fingernails in his left hand to an aggregate length of 909.6cm. He stopped cutting his fingernails in 1952, till after making the world record for the longest fingernails ever. His nails are now shown in Ripley’s museum in Times Square.

Shridhar Chillal

via npr

7. Who doesn’t like laddu? The world record for the largest laddu was made by PVVS Mallikharjuna Rao in Tapeswaram, Andhra Pradesh. The largest laddu weighs 29,465kg, made using a traditional Boondi recipe. The ingredients used were ghee, refined oil, cashew nuts, sugar, almonds, cardamom and water.

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8. Many people are fascinated with growing a moustache, but not like Mr Ram Singh Chauhan. Ram Singh has grown a moustache measuring 4.29metres, making it the longest moustache in the world. He has grown moustaches for 32 years.

Ram Singh

via pinterest

9. Jyoti Kisanji Amge is the shortest woman living, her height measuring 2feet 4inches. She suffered from a form of dwarfism and achondroplasia.

It takes hard work, patience and perseverance to set a world record even for the strangest of things. Guinness World Records made by Indians are something that we all should be proud of.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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