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Ye Guitar Toh Bahut Cool Hai Yaar!!!

Ye Guitar Toh Bahut Cool Hai Yaar!!!


Once Jimmy Page said- ‘I believe every Guitar player inherently has something unique about their playing. They just have to identify what makes them different and develop it.’


The Guitar has been recognized as the “coolest” member of the musical instrument family, often associated with love, romance, and youthful vigour. But, how much do you know about it for real?


Dig into the world of Guitar, so you be as “cool” as it is for real!

1. The First Guitar was created in Ancient Egypt, made approximately 3,500 years ago (a vintage Guitar!) is a long way from the Guitars we play today.

First Guitar

2. Initially, the Guitars were tuned as the C–F–A–D’ centring four courses of tuning the lute and the vihuela. Then, several changes occurred between the 16-to-19 century.


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3. During the 17th century, when the lute and vihuela declined, the Guitars grew in popularity. It remained an amateur instrument till the early 19th century.

4. Later, the Rawhide Soundboard used cleaned cedar with 3-strings produced by Har-Mose.

5. The English word “Guitar” originates from “Guitarra,” Spanish. Before that probably was formed from the Latin word “cithar” and an ancient Sanskrit “tar,” which meant string.

6. Initially, Guitar strings were from animal intestines, but today, they are made from either steel or nylon.

Guitar strings

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7. Mostly, Guitars have six strings. Four (also known as ukulele) and twelve-string Guitars are pretty ordinary. 7, 8, and 10-strings guitars are rare but hey! They Exist!

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8. Guitars are very versatile instruments in the (music box), which can play melodies by themselves or co-occur other instruments and singers by playing chords.


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9. The most expensive Guitar ever sold in history for $2.7 million at an auction as Fender’s Reach Out to Asia Stratocaster, raising funds for the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami & Earthquake victims.

Did you know that the craze of Guitar in the world is that high, even British musician, Chris, fell in love with his musical instrument (Guitar) in 2001? He used to call it Fenda. And then, this love lasted for 35-years when he finally married his Guitar (ah, wifey)!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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