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Guns And types!

Guns And types!



According to the Indian Arms Act, anyone is not allowed to own a gun without a license. But it doesn’t take a permit to know about them! Keep scrolling for more!

1) A gun is a ranged weapon designed to use a shooting tube to launch typically solid projectiles but can also project pressurized liquid, gas or even charged particles.

Let’s know about gun types!


2) Military Type Guns


     Long gun, Arquebus, Blunderbuss, Musket, Musketoon, Wall gun, Grenade launcher, Submachine gun, Personal defence weapon, Rifle, Lever-action rifle, Bolt-action rifle, Assault rifle, Battle rifle, Carbine, Designated marksman rifle, Service rifle, Sniper rifle, Shotgun, Combat shotgun, Semi-automatic Shotgun, Automatic shotgun


3) Handguns

     Handgun, Derringer, Pistol, Machine pistol, Service Pistol, Revolver.


     Air gun, BB gun, Elephant gun, Express rifle, Rimfire rifle, Speargun, Varmint rifle


4) Machine Guns

     Gatling gun, Minigun, Nordenfelt gun, Metal Storm, Mitrailleuse, Submachine gun, Machine pistol, Machine gun, General-purpose machine gun, Light machine gun, Squad Automatic Weapon, Infantry Automatic Rifle, Medium machine gun, Heavy machine gun


5) Autocannon

     Autocannon, Chain gun, Revolver cannon


6) Artillery

     Artillery gun, Cannon, Carronade, Falconet, Field gun, Howitzer


     Tank gun

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7) Rescue equipment

     Flare gun, Lyle gun


8) Training and entertainment

     Airsoft gun, Drill Purpose Rifle, Paintball gun, Potato cannon, Spud gun, Cap gun, Water gun, Nerf gun


9) Energy

     Directed-energy weapon


These are many types of guns, some fun, some fatal! We hope you found the blog fun and educational! For more such, blogs keep following for more!


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