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Handheld Video Games: Life Saviour In Your Unrelieved Times

Handheld Video Games: Life Saviour In Your Unrelieved Times



Find here some handy info about (and “handy”) handheld video games you can easily carry in your luggage. As, going alone or with a family, trips can be boring sometimes. Some destinations don’t suit your mood, and you miss your gaming setup and console games a lot. So, why not explore? Here is all that you need about handheld video games:



1. Handheld video games are small portable pocket-friendly video games with a built-in screen, game controls and speakers. These are compact in size as compared to console games.



2. In 1978, the first handheld video game was launched by the Parkour Brothers, named Merlin, The Electronic Wizard. Merlin had 6 in-built games on the console.



3. The first interchangeable cartridges for handheld video games was launched in 1979 by Microvision. It released 12 different games with a market price of $49.99.


4. The early glance at handheld games was that these were easy to use. They had rectangular screens, video games, in-built controlling buttons and speakers. Most handheld video games are operated with the help of chargeable batteries.



5. Performance of handheld video games was significantly increased with the new upgrades. The new features on every update made them a perfect choice over other games. The quality of building them and the gaming chip on video games established a new mark in console gaming.



6. No other competitors were able to beat Nintendo Switch in the handheld video games category. It is a 9.4×4.0 inches screen size that supports over 3000 video games. It is a multi-touch video game that can be played with the help of joy-con.

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Cost: INR 25,999



7. Sony Computer Entertainment launched their first-ever handheld video game named PlayStation Portable, known as PSP. It was a dream of every child to buy a PSP in their childhood. PSP supports more than 800 games available in the PlayStation Store.

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Cost: INR 6,990



8. The first-ever handheld video game played by every child perhaps remains Tetris Game Console, available in nearest fairs. Fighting with parents for the Tetris Game and playing it all day was the best handheld video gaming experience we, of the’90s, ever had!

Available on: Flipkart

Costs: INR 100



9. Missing Retro Games and want to enjoy it without buying an Arcade Machine? Retro handheld video games are consoles that work on the ROMS. It features all the nostalgic games such as Pac-Man, Invaders, Contra and more!



Bring along some of these handheld video games to make your trip more exciting and enjoyable. Enjoy every tedious phase of your life with these pocket-friendly gaming experiences. Let us know if you have used any of these handheld video games? Tetris anyone?

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