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Handle With Care

Handle With Care


Glass and over-good-hearted ones should always be handled with care. “Nazar hatti, durghatna ghati.” We might never know for a fact how good-hearts are made, but here’s how Glass was invented:



1. The earliest Glass object was created around 3500 BC in Egypt and Eastern Mesopotamia.



2. After 1200 BC, the Egyptians learned to press the Glass into moulds.



3. Glass is made from natural and plentiful raw materials (sand, soda, ash and limestones). They are melted at high temperatures to form a new material.



4. In ancient times, Glass-making began with Quartz.



5. The Glass Factory was first built in the US in Jamestown, Virginia (1608).



6. Four types/strengths of Glass:

      Annealed Glass

      Heat Strengthened Glass

      Tempered Glass

      Laminated Glass


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7. The French Multinational Corporation Saint-Gobain SA has been the leading Glass producer in the world. As of 2019, their revenue amounts to 49.3 Billion dollars!



8. Known for its high-quality Bangles and Glassware, Firozabad is a famous city for all kinds of Glass products.



9. The commonly used Glass is Soda-Lime Glass as it is the least expensive Glass form.



Glass is better than steel products due to its cold material. Where leaf-ware is out of fashion and “mitti-ware” is expensive or “uncool,” Glass utensils can be a midway out. Take them out to celebrate your every personal meal and day, and at the same time stay healthy as well. Just remember to handle them with tenderness!

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