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Heating Furnace- Thandi me garmi ka aehsaas

Heating Furnace- Thandi me garmi ka aehsaas



Thand me sirf thermal wear pehne se kuchh ni hota! If you want to create a cosy atmosphere in your home, a heating furnace is perfect! Today we are going to tell you that how this invention works!


1) A furnace system heats air and distributes it via ductwork.


2) These are the parts of a furnace that helps in the process of heating the space:

      Circuit Board

      Inducer Motor


      Gas value

      Flame Sensor

      Heat Exchanger

      Exhaust Vent

      Combustion Air

      Blower Fan



3) Parts that can be found in the living space are:


      Supply Vent

      Return Air Vent


4) The thermostat sends a signal to the circuit board when the temperature drops below its setting Thus, assisting the gas to burn efficiently. Igniter glows or sparks to ignite gas flowing.


5) Flames are ignited as hot air, and toxic gases flow into heat exchangers.


6) To make sure that the gas burns, there’s a flame sensor positioned right in the path of the flame. After detecting the fire, the heating process continues.


7) The heat exchanger gets very hot. The cold air blows through it as it is heated.


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8) Where do the fumes and carbon monoxide go?


Heat Exchangers have openings on either end so that flame enters at one end and all the dangerous gases exit out of the exhaust.


9) The blower fan draws cool air in the home through the return vents, through the filter, and across the heat exchangers.


10) The newly warmed air is blown through the ducting and out of the supply vents, all-around your house.


11) The air cools off and is drawn back through the return vents, and the cycle repeats until the room is warm enough.


12) Thermostat sends a signal to stop working, and that is how a furnace works!



Here is how the marvel of furnace heater works! Ab no thand ka bahana for no nahana! Please feel free to ask us if you have any more questions about it. We will try to cover them up!


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