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11 Helicopter Facts To Make Your Hair-Stand!

11 Helicopter Facts To Make Your Hair-Stand!

Helicopter Facts

If you are both curious and adventurous like us, here are 11 Helicopter Facts to blow your mind and leave you amazed!

1. Helicopter facts from the 15th century: Leonardo da Vinci made drawings of the helicopter that used a spiral aircrew to obtain a lift.

Helicopter Drawing

via wikipedia

2. Later, in 1784, a toy helicopter made out of the bird’s feather presented by two artisans Launoy and Bienvenu, was the most successful model created in 1870 by Alphonse Penaud.

3. Not many people know this: the Chinese invented or at least came up with the first design of the helicopter.

4. Have you ever seen children playing with bamboo flying toys? (otherwise known as “Chinese tops”). Later it was found out that Ge hong designs were similar to the Chinese chopper game!

Chinese tops

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5. Helicopters have super cool nicknames depending on the country. In the western world, most people prefer helicopters as “choppers”. Other nicknames include “copter,” “whirlybird,” and “hook”.

Helicopter Ride

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6. Helicopters are used for saving lives. But why only the helicopters? Because helicopters are highly versatile and can move anyway. Helicopters can hover, again helping with small enclaves and tiny spaces.

7. Amongst known helicopter facts is that America has the most helicopters in the world. That’s true. And, it’s also true that American helicopters are one of the most important things of being a powerful and confident fleet.

American helicopters

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8. Helicopters are also used in cherry farming. Orchardists hire helicopter pilots to stand by in the area with their helicopters to protect cherries.

9. But, flying a helicopter is also one of the most demanding skills to acquire. Helicopter facts the adventurer in you must know! The hovering is so hard because constant control is required to offset the gusty air created by the helicopter.

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10. Did you know that most helicopters have two rotors, one on the top and one on the tail? Cool!

11. Helicopters can also help in fighting forest fires. They can carry heavy buckets of water and then drop on strategic areas.

Helicopter in forest fire

via wired

Even a nut holding the main rotor to the shaft of the helicopter is called the ‘Jesus nut’! Because once a pilot said, “Oh Jesus if that nut comes off…” Did we mention that helicopters are full of many unknown and amazing facts!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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