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Here Is Why Radio Is A Priceless Innovation For Humankind?

Here Is Why Radio Is A Priceless Innovation For Humankind?


Radio was the first gadget that was electronic and left an impact on society as a whole. Again, it was the most important source of news and entertainment decades ago.


Radio Technology is still all around you. It’s inside your mobile, WiFi, and you’re probably using it to read this. Continue:

1. The Radio became a sensation and truly changed daily life for millions of people.


2. Radio owes its development to two other inventions: the Telegraph and the Telephone. All 3 technologies are closely related. Radio Technology began as “wireless telegraphy.”

3. The term “Radio” can refer to either the electronic appliance that we listen to or to the content that plays from it.

4. In the 1860s, James Clerk Maxwell (Scottish physicist) first predicted “Radio Waves”. But Guglielmo Marconi sent and received the first Radio Signal in 1895.

James Clerk Maxwell

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5. It was in 1899. Guglielmo Marconi first sent a wireless signal over the English Channel. In 1902, he received back the letter “S,” telegraphed from England to Newfoundland. And, this was the first successful (transatlantic) Radiotelegraph Message ever.

Guglielmo Marconi

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6. On Christmas Eve, 1906, Reginald Fessenden made the first Radio Broadcast in history.

7. Edwin Howard Armstrong invented FM (Frequency-Modulated) Radio in 1933.

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Edwin Howard Armstrong

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8. Orson Welles accidentally fooled the public into believing that an alien invasion was underway in his “War Of The Worlds” (Radio Serial). The world first heard Billy Haley’s “Rock Around The Clock,” music here. This incident shaped the modern world’s Radio.

9. In addition to these developments, there are Subscription-based Radio Services. As made famous by Howard Stern, these services are also free from commerce (another leap in advancement in the Radio industry).

Radio Services

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From Radio stations to podcast broadcasting, Radio has made even more developments. With a simple internet connection, you can listen to streaming audio and your favourite music even simpler.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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