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Read About Hermes, The Producers Of Real ‘Bagvatis’

Read About Hermes, The Producers Of Real ‘Bagvatis’


“Zeus and Maia gave birth to Hermes, right? Why has spirituality entered the fashion section ‘Desi ChalChitra’?”


Well, we are talking about the fashion company Hermès. Although, indeed, the firm’s name has also been inspired by that fact you just told us. Here are 9 striking points around the luxurious Fashion Brand, Hermès, best known for its handbags and more!

1. In 1837, Thierry Hermès (1801–1878) first established the industry Hermès as a harness workshop in Grand Boulevards, Paris.


2. Over the following decades, Hermès established itself as one of the most famous saddler retailers. Accordingly, soon they also initiated the production of leather bags.

Grand Boulevards, Paris

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3. Hermès today is best known for its adorable handbags as well as for a range of other superior items, like footwear, belts, and watches.

4. Hermès is a network of 311 exclusive showrooms, and its products are available in 45 countries.

exclusive showrooms

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5. It takes high-brow craftsmanship and attention to detail to make every Hermès product stand out from the crowd. This makes the product costly.

6. Dumas Family fortune is $49.2 billion (INR 3,505,5246,00,000), making it one of the richest families in the world.


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7. Rosmah Mansor, the second wife of Najib Razak, former Prime Minister of Malaysia, is claimed to have the biggest Birkin collection in the world.

8. Birkin Bags by Hermès are the most luxurious ones, ranging from $40,000-$50,000 for a single bag!

Birkin Bags

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9. The Hermes Birkin was named after Jane Birkin. She was an English actress and singer.

Hermes Birkin

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With its history of more than 180 years, Hermes has become one of the most valuable fashion industries in the world. It continues to be a treasured one, not looking back at all.

What do you think is the secret of Hermes’ success?

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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