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Hershey’s Chocolate World Is Paradise Plant For Chocolate Lovers

Hershey’s Chocolate World Is Paradise Plant For Chocolate Lovers


Guess what? The Hershey’s Company built eight visitor centres for people obsessed with chocolates. Imagine being surrounded by chocolates all around. Till today, a chocolate milkshake is not complete without Hershey’s chocolate syrup.

1.  Hershey’s Chocolate World was created as a replacement for the Hershey chocolate plant tour. The plant had large numbers of visitors per year, thus reaching its capacity.

Hershey's Chocolate World

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2. The facility started on June 30, 1973. It drew inspiration from the fair pavilions of the world.

3. In its first year of operations, Hershey’s Chocolate World attracted over 1.4 million visitors. Through the period of thirteen years, the chocolate world attracted 20 million visitors.

4. A huge budgeted update of $4.5 million was made to the chocolate-making tour ride in 1988. It also featured a curious robot as a host named CP-1. Numerous changes were made to the ride throughout all these years. The latest modifications were made in 2016 when some scenes in the chocolate tour ride were replaced.

It also featured a curious robot as a host named CP-1

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5. In 2014 Hershey’s chocolate world opened its Las Vegas location. Following this, Hershey rebranded all other visitor centres worldwide under the Hershey’s Chocolate world name.

6. It was announced in July 2016 that Hershey’s Chocolate World would expand to a new location in Times Square, New York City.

7. Create-your-own candy is the biggest attraction for visitors. Visitors wear a hair-net and apron as they enter an actual manufacturing line ambience. They get to choose from a wide variety of ingredients to add to their own personal chocolate bar. When the bar comes down the lane, guests get to design and personalize the packaging in which their chocolate bar will be wrapped.

8. Started on May 4, 2013, Hershey’s Great Chocolate Factory Mystery in 4D features Hershey, Reese and Kiss. The Hershey Company, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop and The Henson Digital Puppetry Studio have collaborated on this show.

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9. The rest of Hershey’s Chocolate World consists of various shops selling Hershey chocolates and souvenirs. The main candy store is one of the largest stores in the world, which sells Hershey’s products and items not widely released.


So chocolate lovers, pick up your pen and write it on your bucket list!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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