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Hindi Poetry To Listen: Some Gems From Oh-so-vast Ocean Of YT!

Hindi Poetry To Listen: Some Gems From Oh-so-vast Ocean Of YT!


There are thousands of Hindi poetry to listen to in the world of YouTube. This is for all the Hindi Poetry Lovers! You don’t need how poetry expresses all kinds of emotions so precisely yet so briefly, right? So here are a few of the many exceptional poetries on YouTube that might woo you with their charm:

  1. Pukaar by Aditya Raj Kashyap

With an utterly powerful narration and an equally powerful choice of words, Aditya Raj Kashyap expresses the heart-wrenching scenario of gender crimes. He gives goosebumps to the audience as he puts life into words while expressing rage against the criminals. It concludes with a solid message to put an end to such crimes.

Aditya Raj Kashyap

via youtube

  1. My Friend from Kashmir by Gaurav Tripathi

Starting off with beautifully expressing the friendly relation that a commoner developed with a blanket seller from Kashmir, Gaurav proceeds to explore the issues of Kashmir and the concern of people towards them.

Gaurav Tripathi

via youtube

  1. Sahi aur Galat by Sainee Raj

Through the power of words, Sainee Raj questions the distinction between right and wrong. It is done with utter simplicity through this 5-minute long feast of food for thought.

Sainee Raj

via youtube

  1. Ajnabee Se Mohabbat by Rakesh Tiwari

It is not just another romantic Hindi poetry to listen to. Rakesh Tiwari beautifully uses dating as a subtle theme to explore the different shades of human emotions and how they communicate. Wearing his ever-charming smile throughout the performance, Tiwari proves that smile is contagious as he leaves you with one by the end of the video.

Rakesh Tiwari

via youtube

  1. Shor aur Khamoshi by Kena Shree

Kena Shree sheds light on the grey zone between the black and white of noise and silence. Shor aur Khamoshi is like a reminder to explore the inner voice of an individual between these two extremities.

Kena Shree

via youtube

  1. Khat by Dhruv Sharma

Khat speaks about the contrast between the past and present of a person. It emerges when seen through the window of time. The tiny remnants of the past that he carried deep within and a delayed due reunion with his roots.

Dhruv Sharma

via youtube

  1. Aakhri Ped by Darshan Rajpurohit

It is the first-person perspective of a tree, which can be chopped down anytime. But, before it departs, the tree has a final word with humans, warning them about their destructive ways of development and its consequences which might wipe out the entire species.

Darshan Rajpurohit

via youtube

  1. Kya Dhoond Rahe Ho? by Amandeep Singh

Through his words, Amandeep paints a vivid picture of the busy lifestyle of our society and its quest for Sukoon. Through the perspective of an observer, he explores the nuances of a fast-paced lifestyle and the various places where people seek peace, eventually giving a hint about “Sukoon‘s” address.

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Amandeep Singh

via youtube

  1. Raakh se Taleem Lekar by Mohit Sharma

With powerful narration, the poetry speaks about the devastating state of riots, leading to immense pain and loss that people have to bear.

Mohit Sharma

via youtube

  1. Zindagi by Nidhi Narwal

Nidhi has looked at life through the lens of death in Zindagi. The poetry seems like the account of a person who didn’t expect death to approach already. But, as it had, now left wondering about how to spend the last 24-hours of their life.

Nidhi Narwal

via youtube

Kommune India, Spill Poetry, Mehfil-e-Desi ChalChitra, kalArt, and many other channels are there. So, if you are looking for Hindi poetry to listen to, then YouTube has a lot to offer! So, more poetries, more perspectives, and more shades of human emotions await you!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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