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Hindi Villains We Love To Hate And Applaud At The Same Time!

Hindi Villains We Love To Hate And Applaud At The Same Time!


Many actors play the villain, but few nail the job to the extent that we forget that they are acting and actually start to hate them. But that’s just a compliment to their craft.



Here are the 9 Hindi villains that we love to hate:



1. Gabbar Singh From Sholay

Amjad Khan hit the ball so hard that it went out of the park. That’s the way to describe his part as Gabbar. At times he even overshadowed the leads of the movie. Every dialogue was turned memorable by him. From “YE HAATH MUJHE DEDE THAKUR” to “JAB TAK PAIR CHALENGE TAB TAK ISKI SANSEIN CHALENGI”. Pure Gold!



2. Mogambo From Mr India

“Magambo Khush Hua!” Amrish Puri had a way about him that nobody could compete or would ever be able to. He became Mogambo while acting him because all we can see onscreen is Mogambo (not the actor himself). A powerful, brutal man who makes people jump in acid water–I sure was scared of Mogambo.  



3. Shakal From Shaan

A sophisticated villain with gadgets in his den and a tank full of crocodiles and sharks to eat human flesh is someone to be hate and get afraid of. Kulbhushan Kharbanda sure as hell nailed the role as Shakal. His famous dialogue was “Ajeeb jaanwar hai kitna bhi khaaye bhookha hi rehta hai”.



4. Prem From Bobby

There’s nobody who hasn’t heard “Prem Naam hai mera, Prem Chopra” and is probably is one of the most hated villains of all time. An obvious in Hindi Movie villains we love to hate, his nasty smile was apt to express his devilish intentions. Kaun, Kaun agree karta hai?



5. Lion From Kalicharan

“Saara sheher mujhe lion ke naam se jaanta hai” is the best introduction ever given by any villian. Ajit’s peculiar and soft-spoken style just made lion the real deal among the most hated villains. And so he has to score a place in the villains we love to hate.



6. Ranjeet From Amir Garib

How can we miss him in the list of villains we love to hate? The serial molester and harasser from Bollywood made his lustful intentions very clear onscreen while playing his character. Everybody hates a molester, and thus it puts Ranjeet on our list.


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7. Robert From Amar Akbar Anthony

Jeevan was one of the consistent villains of Bollywood. But he did something extraordinary in Amar Akbar Anthony, which puts him on our list of villains we love to hate. Sad and heartless.



8. Gokul Pandit From Dushman

A serial rapist in disguise, OH MY GOD!!!!! Ashutosh Rana brought the character alive on screen. It is because of those lustful eyes he is on this list of villains we love to hate. Hate!



9. Kancha Cheena From Agneepath

From Kancha’s dressing style to his powerful dialogues, Kancha is probably, one of the best villains of India. Demn it. He needs to be amid villains we love to hate for all times if he has to be the best! So ye! Good going, Kancha! (Just admiring. Hehe. Hoof.)



Remembering these characters makes us wonder the kind of impact they have left forever in the hearts and minds of their viewers. Truly a legendary one, as much as scary. Kudos to the characters who were able to pull such devilish vibes in their skin, making them so applauded that they had to carry it along with them for a lifetime!

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