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History Books For Pilots: Pray, Bad History Never Repeats Itself

History Books For Pilots: Pray, Bad History Never Repeats Itself



History books for pilots are for those brave hearts who are always ready for dealing with any situation that might occur in the skies.



If history is as bleak as the darkest shade of the hair, then definitely nobody wants it to come into our lives again. The same goes for pilots who fought and just did their jobs of saving passengers and the country.




Dig in the list of some of the history books for pilots that can be said as “must-reads”:


1. War Story by Derek Robinson

“When a young one shows patriotism.”

      The book tells the life journey of a young pilot, Lieutenant Oliver Paxton.

      In 1916 during his first solo flight, he lost his route map. For the world, he was an idiot.

      But surprisingly, he turns out to be a veteran from an innocent pilot.

      Available on Amazon for Rs 912.



2. Flight of the Intruder by Stephen Coonts

“When an intruder pays a surprise guest.”

      Tired of the game of politics by the US, Jake Grafton, a navy officer, plays a frightful sport while in a war.

      The US army was not aware of any plans of the intruder bomber Grafton.

      Along with his friend Lieutenant Morgan McPherson, they bombarded the surprised airstrike at Hanoi.

      What happens is all about the story of two warriors. What kind of repercussions will they have if they are alive?

      Available on Amazon for Rs. 401 (Kindle).



3. Flight 232: A Story of Disaster and Survival by Laurence Gonzales by Laurence Gonzales

“Coming alive from the disaster…heartbreaking and inspiring.”

      Heavily boarded with 296 passengers, United Airlines Flight 232 flying from Denver to Chicago crashed due to malfunction.

      The flight tyres got busted on the runway. The pilot somehow managed to save more than 200 lives.

      The author interviewed many passengers and shared their nightmares in the book in short.

      Available on Amazon for Rs. 1,544.



4. A Good Clean Fight (RAF) by Derek Robinson

“Jab maar maar na lage.”

      A sequel, this novel sets out a story about 3 groups of men having different missions.

      One group attacks the German base. The second group sets out for the personal grudge.

      As the men from the Hornet Squadron are planning to commit a suicidal ground attack.

      Available on Amazon for Rs. 700.



5. Goshawk Squadron by Derek Robinson

“When war is in the air.”

      For the commanding officer of Goshawk Squadron, Stanley Woolley, there are 2 kinds of men up in the sky: victims and murderers.

See Also

      The author depicts the life stories of young heroes who are stepping out into a sky war.

      He builds day-to-day details during the war. Thus, it is a slightly painful fictional book.

      Available on Amazon for Rs. 1,234.



6. World War II Pilots: An Interactive History Adventure by Michael Burgan

“When planes were the major participant in the war.”

      World War II (1939-45) was the first when aeroplanes took part in the war.

      Learn more relevant facts about how planes came into force during wartime.

      If you are ambitious about it, this one can turn out to be one of the must-keep history books for pilots.

      Available on Amazon for Rs. 400.



7. The Flight 981 Disaster: Tragedy, Treachery, and the Pursuit of Truth by Samme Chittum

“When a miracle did not happen.”

      The incident of the Turkish Airlines Crash that happened on March 3, 1974, killed all 346 people on-board.

      During investigations, it was found that the door of the cargo got opened and burst off incorrectly.

      Who was at fault ultimately? To know more about the tragic mishap, you got to read.

      Available on Amazon for Rs. 1086.



At the end of each of these (and other related) history books for pilots, you will just be uttering, “May this never happen to anyone or ever again.”


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