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History of Cars: Grab Your Seatbelts Tight For This Ride!

History of Cars: Grab Your Seatbelts Tight For This Ride!

history of cars

The history of cars has a very long and weaving path. These gadgets today are an essential thing that keeps the roads busy. But have you wondered how a car came into existence?

If yes, then have a ride into the deep history of the car!!!

1. The history of cars can be traced to the 1880s. The German inventor Karl Benz invented the first modern car in 1886, patenting it as Motorwagen.

Karl Benz

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2. In the early 1500s, Leonardo da Vinci had sketched a horseless, mechanized cart.

3. One of the first cars in the history of cars available to the masses was the 1908 Model T, an American car made by the Ford Motor Company.

1908 Model T

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4. The evolution of external combustion engines is another history. It is often treated separately from the development of actual cars as a part of it.

vintage cars

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5. During the early 19th century, many steam-powered road vehicles were used, including steam cars, steam buses, phaetons, and steam rollers.

vintage cars

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6. Siegfried Marcus created and patented a gasoline-powered handcart in 1888, which is a four-seater, petrol-engined car.

7. The Second Marcus Car was a logical pioneer of today/modern cars.

8. Anyos Jedlik created the first viable electric motors that fitted his invention into the tiny car.

Anyos Jedlik

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9. But the French inventor Verbiest might have been given a car start line by a Flemish missionary almost 100 years ago, as seen in this 350-year old gift to a Chinese emperor.

The first car in India plied on the roads in 1897. And, the first Indian to own a car in 1901 was Jamshedji Tata.

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