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History Of Fashion From 1940 To 1949

History Of Fashion From 1940 To 1949


The history of fashion from 1940 to 1949 was dominated with more comfy and utility-based clothing, rather than showcasing fashionable styles. The era of the 1940s is best known for the Second World War and as it shook the world, so did it affected the field of popular fashion as well.

1. With Britain threatened from skies, and in the oceans, utility clothing was introduced by government decree.

Fashion From 1940 To 1949

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2. Clothing became cheaper, simpler and more pragmatic, styled by eminent designers such as Hardy Amies and Norman Hartnell.

3. The history of fashion from 1940 to 1949 can be seen in two distinct silhouettes. In the initial war years, the military influenced the boxy line.

4. Padded shoulders, puffed sleeves, narrow single pleated skirts and functional shoes like oxfords and pumps were followed in the early ’40s.

5. Hairstyles were changed. The preferred hairstyle was long-hair, with a multitude of roll bangs, waves and pin curls dominating.

long Hairstyles women in 1940

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6. In 1947, for women, out of the gloom came the new look. Paris designers like Christian Dior brought back highly feminine silhouettes.

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Christian Dior

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7. To achieve this new look, foundation wear had to be controlled again, as it had once been before the 1920s. Thus the older styles were rediscovered.

feminine silhouettes

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Thus, the history of fashion from 1940 to 1949 covered all professions and ages. Everyone was affected with the new shades (khaki, dark green and other patriotic colours), patterns (like floral and geometrical shapes), maritime themes and even fabrics (as the imports of silk and fur were controlled)!

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