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History of Video Games Isn’t A Game Of One Intro-Blog!

History of Video Games Isn’t A Game Of One Intro-Blog!

History of Video Games

If you are a true gamer, you must explore the history of video games. But, it isn’t possible to compile the massive, comprehensive and extensive world or even Indian history of Video Games into a single easy-read blog (of Desi ChalChitra)!

Life: “Insert the coin to enter into the game. Choose the difficulty level: Easy / Normal / Hard.” Well, this one’s definitely “Hard”!

Childhood days were always fun-filled with video games, but have you ever thought, from where video games have come? Let us try to jump back into the past to discover the history of video games.

  1. Games Jo Deewana Banade
  • Initially, video games meant playing using wires on electronic machines.
  • These games didn’t need any instruments to play. All it was required was, relaxing in your living rooms and having a bowl of popcorn along as you played.
History of Video Games

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  1. Everything Starts With Experimentation
  • An oscilloscope is an electronic testing machine that shows signals on its screen.
  • A spark of gaming began with the use of it.
  • Engineers used the codes for further experiments.
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  1. Mainframes
  • Scientists began experimenting with creating small game designs in their science labs.
  • It all started in 1948 when the US had a game simulator on record for the first time, referred to as Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device.
pong game

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  1. Too Heavy For The Public
  • There were many games designed by scientists but were never available for the public.
  • All the games were heavy in size and expensive too.
  • Some of these games were: 

The Nimrod computer launched in 1951 weighed nearly 1000 kgs.

— OXO ( tic-tac-toe), 1952

— Physicist William Higinbotham launched Tennis for Two, 1958

— Spacewar was the outcome of MIT that cost $100,000 in 1961.

  • In simpler words, the game happened to be in a small analogue computer, using an oscilloscope for the signals.
  1. Father Of Video Games
  • Ralph Baer wondered what can be done with versions of video games to make them commercialised.
  • He thought of bringing video games out of science labs and making them available for living rooms.
  • In 1972, he released the game console named Odyssey (manufactured by Magnavox).
  • This game allows you to sit and play a video game on your TV.
  1. The Era of Arcade Games
  • In 1972, the very first game, Pong, was introduced to the public.
  • The game was successful and popular among peeps.
  • Atari introduced the home version of Pong in 1974.
  • Passing down the years, many other versions of this game came into the market.
first game, Pong

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  1. List of some other games aur unki janam-tithi
  • Launched in 1978, Space Invader became the second highest-selling arcade game.
  • Pac-Man got launched in 1980. It earned billions of dollars.
  • Donkey Kong was the first game that came into existence in 1981 with the storyline.
History of Video Games

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Video games are a relaxing yet competitive fun time for all people of all “ages”. A gamer can sit in front of a video game for a whole while and have a highly relaxing day along with great food. But, when it comes to writing about the development & history of video games instead of playing, we have loads to explore. Nonetheless, we hope to have given you some insight into the past world of video gaming.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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