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History Of Volleyball Jaan Le Agar Setting Setting Hogaya Ho

History Of Volleyball Jaan Le Agar Setting Setting Hogaya Ho


Understand the history of volleyball once you are done with the jump set, backset, one set, two sets, and if the setting were easy, they might let you set! The craze of volleyball is spreading among the youngsters rapidly. Thanks to Bollywood!

So, take your position and talk about the history of volleyball. Also, know how rapidly it gained popularity among the youngsters and some classy tips to improve your game.

1. Volleyball is a game between two teams: a six-a-side player game where players hit the ball above the net in three chances without touching the ground.

2. In 1895, William G Morgan, physical director of the Young Men Christian Association (YMCA), invented an indoor game for the business.

3. The history of volleyball reveals that William G Morgan is the one after whom the game was named “mintonette,” inspired by Badminton, Baseball, Tennis and Handball Sports.

4. Professor from Springfield College in Massachusetts named the Game “Volleyball” due to its playing nature. The ball levitates above the net most of the time.

5. The first-ever rule of volleyball was also made by Morgan. The size of the net was 6ft 6in (1.98m) high. There was no limit of ball touch before crossing the ball to the opponent net.

6. If one continues to read the history of volleyball, you’ll know that in 1916, the Philippines introduced the power set and the spike. Later on, a three-hit rule system was introduced & the point system from 21 points changed to 15 points.

7. In 1919, American Expeditionary Forces distributed volleyballs for the growth of the game. Canada was the first-ever country outside of the United States to adopt volleyball in 1900.

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8. Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) is an international governing body. It controls all the rules and rankings of volleyball.

9. The First World Championships was held in Prague, Czechoslovakia men in 1949, where the Soviet Union won the tournament. The women world championship was organised in 1952, where the Soviet Union hosted their flag as a winner.

The history of volleyball and the overall game has revealed, it is more about techniques than a good physique. I still remember the morning sessions and practices it takes to master the one single shot!

The craze for volleyball has increased day by day among the youth. Reading about the history of volleyball strengthens your brain while playing it strengthens your muscles.

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