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The Genre Of Horror Games Is Not For The Weak-Hearted!

The Genre Of Horror Games Is Not For The Weak-Hearted!

Horror Games

“Horror Games ka asli maza toh raat ko akele mein hi aata hai!” Horror games are one of the most fascinating gaming genres in the world of video games. It is also in vogue over the streamers in streaming platforms. These games can give you panic, but “entertainment toh entertainment hota hai na? Stree se mile yaa Pacify waali aunty se.”

1. Horror games are based on science horror fiction stories. The main motive is to scare the players. Most games have a narrative aspect where players have to escape the witch/ghosts.

Horror Games

2. Haunted House overlay is considered as the first Horror Game inspired by the movies and stories. It was developed by Magnavox in 1972.

Haunted House game

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3. Survival Horror is the subgenre of action-adventure and horror games. In it, players have to survive and complete the tasks without being caught. Resident Evil is one of the best examples of Survival Games.

Survival game

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4. Role-Playing Horror Games are the most enjoyable. These are multiplayer games with a squad. Any player can be the monster, and others can be members. You have to Role-play your character according to the role. Deceit is the most trending in this genre.

Role-Playing game

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5. Horror games with guns and weapons are known as First-Person Shooter (FPS) Horror Games. In these ones, players kill or knockdown the monster/ghost with the help of their firearms. System Shock 2 is the most played FPS horror game out there.

First-Person Shooter (FPS) Horror Games

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6. Walking Simulator is one of the powerful subgenres. The players have to hide and run from the monsters/ghosts. These ones are full of twists and turns. Amnesia: The Dark Descent is one the most played in this genre. According to research, some players are still walkin’. (Nae! Just joking…unless…)

Walking Simulator

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7. Psychological Horror Games are pretty frightening. These ones are directly connected to the player through emotional, mental, or psychological states. The Medium is the newly launched psychological horror game.

8. Do you know? Granny is one of the most famous games streamed on YouTube! It is developed by Swedish developer Dennis Vukanovic. The game story begins at the old house where a granny is trapped. The players have to escape from the granny house without being caught. Granny has two series available in iOS, Android and Windows.

Granny game

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9. Here comes the final entry of the most trending horror games of 2020 in India: Pacify. It is an adventure horror game that will leave you screaming. Players are employees of PAH, Inc, sent to investigate a creepy house rumoured to have a ghost. The motive is to destroy all the puppets.

Pacify Horror Games

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At last, “josh mein hosh na khoye.” If you are a heart patient, make your heart stronger and pumped up before even thinking about playing any of the Best Horror Games out there. Never play while your family members are sleeping, as your screams can wake them up, and you might end up as a ghost.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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