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Horse-Drawn Carriages: Is it Good or Cruelty

Horse-Drawn Carriages: Is it Good or Cruelty

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You probably must have seen passengers in horse-drawn carriages at some point in your life while walking around a small city. But do you think it’s right? If you are an animal lover like me, surely no! Right? I mean, animals also have the right to live freely in this world like us.

Let’s explore this further in this blog, beginning with some facts:

Horse-drawn carriages are vehicles with chariot-like mechanical equipment attached to horses. These carriages have two or four wheels (allowing one to carry passengers and heavy loads).

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Horse-drawn carriages were quite common in earlier times, but now they are replaced by automobiles and other vehicles. But still, you will get to see them in small towns.

Chariots were the first type of conveyance known to have been used in Mesopotamia as early as 1900 BC.

Horse-drawn carriages then were primarily a two-wheeled light basin carrying one or two passengers.

These horse-drawn carriages were drawn by one to two horses and used for battle by Egyptians, Near Easterners and Europeans.

5 Reasons why horse-drawn carriages were gross cruelty to animals

First of all, horses have to lift many times more than their own weight. And they have to go several miles away without stopping.

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Horses are continually walking and standing on harsh streets. Thus, “lameness and foot degradation is unavoidable,” according to Cheever. And few horses get new horseshoes as often as they need them. When carriage horses are taken off the streets, their living conditions aren’t much better.

Horses exploited in this manner can become quite sick and have respiratory problems because they are sometimes compelled to labour in huge cities and breathe in exhaust fumes.

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The horses pulling the cart have to work in all kinds of weather. It covers both the bitter cold and the oppressive heat. Heatstroke has also taken the lives of many horses.

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The horse is put down when he becomes too old and unable to pull a cart or use horse-drawn carriages. They are often made into dog food or exported to other countries, which are consumed by people. Yuck!

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For nearly 300 years, horse-drawn carriages were the standard mode of transportation for funerals. Because horses could pull more weight, hearse could be more complex, decorative, and heavy.

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