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Hot Air Balloon Race: Hawaaon se baatein!

Hot Air Balloon Race: Hawaaon se baatein!


When you imagine a Hot Air Balloon, what are your thoughts? I can think of a very romantic picturesque! But the Hot Air Balloon race is no joke! Let us know more about it!

As the name implies, a hot-air balloon consists of heated air in a bag, called an envelope.

1) Competitive events like these allow pilots and their crews to improve their skill level and rankings in the sport.

Hot Air baloon race

2) If you believe the Hot air balloon race is about speed. It is not like that at all! 

3) The reason for this is the primary wind velocity determines the speed of the balloon.

4) The balloons travel at approximately the same speed a hot air balloon race is based on accuracy. 

5) One of the tasks is classic hare and hound.

6) Competing balloons called hounds to follow the leading balloon, known as the hare.

7) Pilots must then drop a weighted marker on a large target laid out. Fabric is the primary material used for targets. 

8) Key grab is another frequent task.  In this task, a tall pole with a detachable ring, ribbon, or set of keys is attached instead of the cloth cross. The first pilot to remove the attachment wins the top prize.

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9) If you cannot experience a hot air balloon race, you can surely enjoy it virtually. Then, click here!

10) Where can you enjoy yourself in a hot air balloon if not a hot air balloon race? 

  • National Adventure Foundation
  • Roof N Ride
  • Rocksport
  • Tiger Balloon Safari
  • Skywaltz

Today we introduced you to a new sport! So the next time you fly in the hot air balloon, don’t forget to ask the pilot if he was part of a hot air balloon race so that you know the pilot is experienced and skilled!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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