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How Can You Go Back To Squatting After A Back Injury?

How Can You Go Back To Squatting After A Back Injury?


Are you suffering from a severe back injury and are unable to squat anymore? Well, below is how you can get back to squatting after a back injury.


Let us see how—

  1.  Do you know, between 60-70% of people have experienced lower back pain in their lifetime at least once, and that, it generally occurs while doing squat exercises?

2. According to Dr Stuart McGill, the back injury will not be a problem as long as one can maintain a safe and stable spine while doing squatting.

3. People with lower back pain lose their endurance capacity. They exercise using smaller loads, and high reps, rebuild slow-twitch muscle fibres, supporting spine stability.

4.  Some of the best squat variations to try if you’re hitting the gym after a back injury are—

a. Abdominal Bracing: Contraction of all 4-layers of the abdominal wall muscle like relaxing your abs and pushing your finger gently into oblique. Now, breathe into your abs and press your fingers outwards. This is one of the ways to do squatting after a back injury.

b.  McGill Curl Up: Lie on your back with your hands under your lower back. Bend one leg and place your foot on the floor, keep the other extended. Squeeze your abs and pull your shoulders slightly off the floor. Hold this position for 8 seconds and then relax your abs, and then switch.


c.  Side Bridge: It targets oblique. Lie on your side, with your knees bent at 90 degrees behind yours. Now, place your forearm on the floor directly under your shoulder. Brace your abs for 8 seconds, keeping your hip up. Repeat on the other side.


d. Bird Dog: Get on your hands and knees, maintaining a flat back with your hands directly underneath your shoulders. Next, extend your left leg back. Simultaneously, extend your right arm forward. Hold this position for 8 seconds. Repeat on the other side.

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e. Goblet Squat: Use a dumbbell, pull the weight into your chest, under your chin. Squat down, ascend by pressing your heels into the floor as you rise to the start position.

f.  Cable Hip Belt Squat: It needs a weightlifting belt and cable station. Place the cable on a low rung of the cable station machine. Attach the weightlifting belt to the Karabiner and walk approximately 10 feet back. Begin to squat and make sure to grip your feet firmly on the floor, drifting your hips back.

g. Landmine Squat: It requires an Anchored Olympic Bar that enables you to lift the heavier weight while using your legs to squat instead of your back.

So, now as you know about these various techniques to do squatting after a back injury! What are you thinking about? Don’t worry about anything, and begin squatting!

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