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How Strollers Got Invented?

How Strollers Got Invented?


As the world became busier and ambitious, a need for strollers became unavoidable for especially upper-class couples, and steadily, almost every parent.

How the idea of carrying a baby in a cart came into being is unclear. But, here’s the outline of how and when the strollers came into being?

In Indian, people would carry their babies in the folded cloth that can easily be hung at the back or the front like simple slings or a backpack carrier.

  • In 1733, The English Architect, William Kent, invented the first drawn baby carriage.

  • In the later years, soon the first shell-shaped basket attached with wheels was discovered. It was low to the ground to be pulled easily by the small animals.

  • These carriage names were called “perambulators” or “pram” as William Kent made them with wood, wicker, and heavy metals.

  • The first lightweight stroller was made by Owen Maclaren in the 1900s from aircraft aluminium, with the help of Maclaren, one of the best companies in England till now for the best baby strollers.

  • William H.Richardson in 1899 became the first one to get a patent for the reversible buggy.

  • There are several top brands of baby strollers around the world: Baby Homme, Baby Jogger, Britax, Mamas & Papas, Maclaren, etc.

  • In India, some top baby stroller brands are:- Chicco, Baby Hug, R for Rabbit, Luvlap and Graco.

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  • If you are hoping to invest in manufacturing strollers, here are some types of strollers that you must keep in mind:

  1. Standard Stroll/Full-sized Strollers

  2. Lightweight Strollers

  3. Jogging Strollers

  4. Double Strollers/ Umbrella Strollers

  5. Car Seat Carrier

Slowly, strollers have become one of those baby things that a parent always remembers and cherishes forever once their caterpillar flies away from them, becoming a butterfly.

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