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How To Take Care Of Fish?

How To Take Care Of Fish?


If you are wondering about How To Take Care Of Fish, then you have reached the right place!

The fishes inside an aquarium (or a fish inside a bowl) take you to a fantastical world of aqua or ocean, each time you look at it. This blog answers the beginners in handling fish as pets and thinking about how to take care of fish?

  1. Petting a fish is all about the type of tank & water. So, the first thing to take care of fish is the kind of tank to keep your fishes in.

2. Second is checking the ammonia level inside the tank. Keep in mind that the ideal level of ammonia must be below 1.25ppm.

3. As the waste released by fishes also contain ammonia, make sure you do not overfeed your fish.

4. The fish-filter that is attached to the tank contains the beneficial Nitrosomonas bacteria that digests the ammonia. So, before you put your fish in the tank, put some fish-food. Let the filter be on, so the film of the filter turns brown as it digests Nitrosomonas. Without this process, your fish might be a victim of ammonia poisoning.

5. Change the water in the tank every week, to keep the ppm level of nitrates below 20ppm and nitrites at 0ppm.

6. Only bring your pet to the house, once the tank is fully ready. Consider the number of fishes you are petting as you need to decide on the food and ammonia levels accordingly.

7. The cleanliness of the filter and tank is a must. Partial changes in the water must be done weekly. Keep an eye on the acceptable water-range for your fish every once in a while. Around 25% of the water must be changed weekly.

8. Get a pH kit to check acceptable pH levels of your tank. Crushed coral can be used to increase the pH levels, in case it is below the recommended range. If it is high, then add peat moss or driftwood. The water will turn yellowish, but it is not harmful.

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9. Also, keep a check on the health of your fishes. If your fishes seem to be inactive, gasping, have spots/flakes, then do make sure to get them checked. If the fish dies, then always make sure to remove it from your tank immediately.

Fishes might be way too different from the land-pets, whom you can touch & play with all the time, but they are still a great way to bring a smile on your face and make your environment beautiful.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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