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Human Resources Are FRIENDS To The Office?

Human Resources Are FRIENDS To The Office?

Human Resources

Human Resources can be appropriately described with the following statement: ‘Kuch cheezon ki qeemat nahi lagai ja sakti, sirf chukaai ja sakti hai.’ Scratch the surface and explore what more there is to this commonly used term:

  1. Naam me hi to sab kuch hai:

Jaisa naam waisa kaam.

The humans in an organisation, industry, or business which collectively make up the workforce are called Human resources. HR are intangible and not present on the balance sheet of the company.

Human Resources

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  1. Itne se nahi ho payega, aur log lagenge:

Human resources are one of the core assets of an organisation that can only be acquired and not created. The hiring of human resources by an organisation is called recruitment. It is done through advertising, campus interviews, walk-in interviews, placement agencies, etc.


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  1. Tu itna zaroori kaise hua?

A particular task gets completed faster if there are more people available to do it systematically. This results in an increase in productivity and profit for the organisation. Therefore, human resources become crucial.

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  1. Thorda o2 maangta iss kaid ko!

Human resources are as essential to an organisation as there is oxygen to humans. The functioning of an organisation depends upon how HRs interact with each other (also use non-living resources).

an organisation workers

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  1. ‘Mere jaisa mai hu hi nahi kahi’

Human resources possess qualities that can improve economic productivity and output. These qualities can be education, health, problem-solving, people management, and communication skills, among numerous others.

  1. Kuch naya banaya jaaye fir:

One of the best parts about human resource is their ability to develop. The process of enhancing their quality is called training, generally done by someone who is an expert in the subject or the skill.

  1. Zyada care karda:

Human resources add worth to an organisation through their knowledge and skills. Interestingly, HRs sometimes provide more quantitative value to businesses than the amount invested in them.

  1. Upar wala sab dekh raha hai:

Human Resources do not function independently. This becomes the premise of Human Resource Management, where a team of professionals, specialised in the training, managing, and supervising of HR is appointed as the in-charge of the functioning of human resources.

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  1. A small price to pay for salvation:

Businesses and organisations often invest in their HRs in different ways as per their requirements. It includes the time and money invested into the education and training of human, relocating them for work, etc.

Human Resources

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Now, whether you see Human Resources as ‘Holly’ or ‘Toby,’ is for you to decide. They continue to exist, anyways.

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