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7 Iconic Places in Arunachal Pradesh to Capture Forever

7 Iconic Places in Arunachal Pradesh to Capture Forever

Kali Sharma

Are you excited already to explore some of the “lit” and must-visit iconic places in Arunachal Pradesh?

  1. Bhagwan Parshuram Kund Mandir
  • Location: Lohit District
  • Flying kites on Makar Sankranti is cliche.
  • Taking dips in this holy-kund to erase your sins is the new trend!

2. Mehao Lake

  • Location: 14kms from Roing, Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary
  • A low-nutrient treat to your eyes with crystal clear water, Mehao Lake can keep you standing and dazzling for hours.

3. Hindu Temple of Malinithan

  • Location: Malinithan
  • Built inside the region of Chutiya Kings during the medieval period, explore this land of historical peace after a fun trek.

4. Mayodia Pass

  • Location: 56km from Roing
  • Connecting the Himalayan Range, it is a mother goddess water land giving you all the chills and snow during winters.

5. Namdapha National Park

  • Location: Changlang District
  • Blessed with paradisiacal flora and fauna, this National Park is the 4th largest in India. Its scenic biodiversity and beauty hotspot awaits your presence.

6. Kamlang Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Location: Lohit District
  • The home to the four big cats of India, this Wildlife Sanctuary of Andhra Pradesh is also iconic because of its mythological connections with the descendants from Mahabharata. This place is a must explore gem.

7. Mechuka Valley

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  • Location: Shi-Yomi District
  • How about completing your therapeutic trip to this wonderland by the medicinal water of snow? Mechuka Valley is indeed a natural wonder of Andhra Pradesh.

Andhra is the “Orchid State of India”. So, make sure to click hundreds of good landscape pictures when you visit the just-mentioned 7 Iconic Places in Andhra Pradesh.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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