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Iconic places to visit in Gwalior

Iconic places to visit in Gwalior

Saas Bahu ki ladai sadiyo se chalti aa rahi hai! Proving my claim is the Saas-Bahu fort in Gwalior. In the 9th century, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu were the two gods worshiped the most. A conflict arose between the royal mother and daughter-in-law about which deity to worship. The saas

Bahu temple was made to resolve this conflict. Interesting Haina? Let’s find out more iconic places in Gwalior.


  1. Gwalior Fort- Called the Pearl amongst fortresses in India. It is visible from all corners of the city. FUN FACT: In the era of Akbar, this Fort served as a prison in 1858.

  2. Phool Bagh- The Prince of Wales inaugurated it in 1922. FUN FACT: This site consists of a Gurudwara, a temple, a mosque, and the city zoo.

  3. Gujari Mahal Museum- This palace turned museum has numerous Historic sculptures. FUN FACT: This mighty mahal was built by Man Singh to honor the love he had for his wife.

  4. Sarafa Bazar- Shopping, every girl’s stress buster! Sarafa Bazar has everything from Jewellery to handicrafts to textiles. FUN FACT: Sarafa Bazar is also famous for street food, especially aloo Tikki and pani puri.

  5. Teli ka Mandir- This ancient religious site is famous for its Dravidian architecture. FUN FACT: Teli ka Mandir is the largest building in Gwalior.

  6. Jai Vilas Palace- In 1874 this palace was built by Jayaji Rao Scindia. FUN FACT: It is a 400 room palace with 3500 kg Chandeliers.

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  7. Sun Temple- It was contracted in 1988 by GD Birla. FUN FACT: The red sandstone exterior of the temple compliments the lovely green gardens surrounding the garden.

  8. Gopachal Parvat- It is a religious place visited and worshipped by the Jan community. FUN FACT: Best place to witness iconography. The carvings date back to the 7 and 15 centuries.

  9. Tomb of Tansen- One of the most prominent musicians of India, Tansen was born in Gwalior. His burial site is an exquisite piece of architecture. FUN FACT: Annual Tansen Music Festival is held every year in November, where musicians from all over the country come and showcase their talent.

Hath par airplane ka tattoo Banane se or Instagram bio me ‘wanderlust’ likhne se kch Nahi Hota! Let us know about any places we missed and about any experiences you have in these parts. 

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