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Idle Games Makes You Relax Better Than Netflix & Chill

Idle Games Makes You Relax Better Than Netflix & Chill


Say Idle Games to a game blogger, and hear them back singing, “Click, Click, Click, Click, Click, Click, Click, Click, Click!”


That is what it is to idle games. Keep on clicking, and no! It is not even boring! In fact, these are some of the most addictive gaming genres. Confused? Well, read, read, read!



1. What are Idle Games?

Idle Games or Incremental Games are also known as Clicking or Tap Games. They provide rewards to the player to do nothing but tap or click as much as they can. Players do it to earn in-game currencies.



2. History of Idle Games

The history of idle games is not as old as other gaming genres. The first Idle Game was Progress Quest (2002), developed by Eric Fredricksen.



3. Idle Games Mechanisms

Idle games is an easy game genre where players don’t need any rocket science strategies. You just need to tap or click on the game screen to earn revenue.



4. Why Are Idle Games So Addictive?

Idle games are so addictive to play because the player doesn’t have to follow any rules or any strategies to play. Most of the idle games are free to play. Players always remain curious about the next steps. There are a lot of sub-genres of Idle Games. 



5. Crusaders Of The Lost Idols

Don’t go by its name. Yes, it is a clicker game. Create a group of heroes to battle monsters, earn gold by killing them and use it to level up and unlock new character abilities. There are more than 20 heroes in this idle game!

Platforms: Windows, macOS



6. Cookie Clicker

Cookie clicker is a click-based idle game developed by Julien Thiennot. The players have to click a cookie available on the left side of the screen to create a cook. One click on the cookie makes one cookie. The players can buy workers, farms, mines, factories and banks to make cookies automatically. The world record of clicking in Cookie Clicker is 1,160,869,237 times!



7. Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes is one of the most compulsive idle games as it is an easy-to-play game where you have to click on the monsters to earn the coins. You can upgrade and buy new heroes to make them more powerful. Clicker Heroes has 1015 stages max you can reach.

Platforms: Web browser, Mac OS, Windows.

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8. Time Clickers

Time Clickers is an FPS version of Idle Games developed by Proton studios. The players have to destroy the cubes to earn gold. You can upgrade their pistols and can hire a teammate to demolish the cubes. You can also earn rewards offline.

Platforms: Windows, Mac Os



9. Doge Miner

Whether in memes or games, “Doge” always trends. Doge Miner is an Idle game where you have to mine to earn the coins and build a spaceship to reach the moon.

Platforms: Andriod, iOS



These games are so satisfying that it is hard to exit once you start clicking. Repetition of action basically acts as a stress-releaser. The pattern is formed, hooking you in and turning the game addictive. The reward brings a sense of motivation to continue as you keep winning. Today, similar mechanisms are used by social screens (double-tapping to like). Click games but are for chillaxing, not earning.



What? Why are you sitting idle now? Go on! Drop your favourite click-game below!

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