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“I’m Sensing Some Sexual Tension In Here…?” Be Sure With These 9 Signs!

“I’m Sensing Some Sexual Tension In Here…?” Be Sure With These 9 Signs!



Sexual tension is normal, describes the licensed psychologist and certified sex therapist, Kate Balestrieri (Psy.D., CST). It is often an electric feeling that can develop between the two humans, attracted to each other. The two might want to have sex but can’t, due to numerous reasons, be it “uski GF hai yaar” or “Ugh, we are in the office…!” Thus, they haven’t had a chance to explore their attraction, or they have no idea how to do it.



But are you sure if it is what it is, or are you daydreaming? Is she really “horny” over you? Or is your friend really hot on that woman? How can you say for sure?



Hey, we can try! For before language developed, came body right. So here are some signs of sexual tension:



1.    “Ankhiyaan milavaanga…” Eye contact can be highly suggestive of sexual tension if it is intense. Did you feel the room temperature rise??


2.    “Current laga naa? Laga naa?” Increased physical contact can also cause sexual tension (regardless of whether it is sexual or not).


3.    “Why did he touch me though? It was not necessary, right?” It is possible to test a relationship’s mutuality through ‘accidental’ touches.


4.    “NOOOOO!!” So, you had a sexual dream or fantasy of your crush? It is another of the signs of sexual tension.


5.    “Aaj se meri saari khushiyan teri ho gayi…” Daydreaming about sharing time with that person (nonsexually) is one of the most beautiful signs of sexual attraction.


6.    Are you both being more flirtatious to each other lately? And how’s it affecting the air and temperatures?


7.    “Uh, mm, eh…” Vocal changes while talking or speed of speech is also one of the known signs of sexual tension.


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8.    “No one found it THAT funny, except you…” If someone is sexually attracted to you, it is only natural to try to be more humourous around you.


9.    “I think I should go…” If you see your crush running away from you lately, then it might be that he is feeling uncomfortable around you due to the piled-up sexual tension. Ye, sadly this is what it does to “can-be-great-friends”! Ruins it!


10. Other physical signs of sexual tension: blushing and flushed skin, leaning closer together, increased body temperature, sweaty hands, removing physical barriers. Yes, dear friend! Welcome to the adult world. It is what it is. “Warmy-warmy!”


11. Here are two other signs of sexual tension: smiling for no reason, feeling giddy and laughing a lot around that person, finding it difficult to talk, and feeling something heavy in your chest as if you are keeping something from each other, then maybe it is high time now to melt the ice.



Many experts have pointed this that as sex is a natural phenomenon, sexual tension is good. If not for this tension, you might never really be flirting, seducing or creating a masterpiece out of your longing. Coming back to science, picking up the signs of sexual tension helps you mentally prepare yourself for the person who shares your sexual attraction. So, yes. It is great! Especially if you both can sense these signs of sexual tension. It might be the beginning of something profound and meaningful. Who knows?


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