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Incense Holders Make Sure That Mehke Kamra Without Mess

Incense Holders Make Sure That Mehke Kamra Without Mess



Incense holders or burners might vary in size and have been in use since ancient times. It fulfils the spiritual purpose to offer faithful prayer to the almighty. Incense provides many benefits such as meditation, mindfulness, relaxing and increasing focus. Incense holders give a safe and secure place to use an incense stick during pooja time.



1. Dragon Incense Holder

      Made in India, this one is shaped like a dragon working for both incense and incense sticks.

      Weighing 250gms, the colour of the holder is brown, and the size is 15x15x15cm.

      The product is made of resin and marble dust.

      Ideally used in the home and office to make air refreshing and clean.



2. Sheesham Incense Burner

      The shape is conical and has a container-like structure. The box is handcrafted, allowing several sticks to be lit in one go.

      Sheesham is durable and long-lasting that burns incense in this incense holder.

      One of the best incense holders that collect ash and emit its fragrance around each corner.

      When not in use as the incense holder, keeping at the central table looks attractive.



3. Lotus Incense Burner

      The shape of the burner lotus is considered the national flower of India.

      The beauty is available in size 3.7×3.7×2.2 inches, and the colour is antique gold.

      The natural outcome of the handcrafted incense burner adds charm to your vicinity.

      Easy to care with just wiping with soft cotton cloth, the material is made from brass.



4. Wooden Tower Incense Sticks Holder

      Simple and cute, an antique-looking incense holder that has a separate ash holder.

      This incense holder is safe for kids.

      The design of the burner is authentic and delicate and has the capacity of lightening 5 incense sticks altogether.

      Easy to clean, this is ideal for a gift, home or decor.



5. Soapstone Incense Holder

      The incense holder is available with 6 herbal and natural fragrances.

      There are many other uses like Candle Holder, tea light holder, Agarbatti Stand, Diffuser etc.

      The burner is crafted so passionately by the Indian craftsman.

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      The pattern is floral and has multiple fascinating jali work to conveniently let the smoke off.



6. Bronze Incense Stick Holder

      The incense burner serves multiple purposes like a decorative art piece.

      If you are a religious person, then this incense burner is for religion or meditation purposes.

      This incense holder can also be used as a bowl to burn rosin and incense powder.

      It is made of bronze, and as time passes, the burners change the colour that looks very beautiful in looks.



7. Meditating Monk Buddha Incense Burner

      Handcrafted monk, this incense burner lights your decor two times.

      This incense holder helps in spreading the fragrance around the room.

      The incense burner has a smoke fountain backflow incense.



Incense burners have the power to beautifully place your incense sticks and emit soothing incense that can change the aura of your ecosystem. The incense has a naturally calming impact on the human senses, which completely cancels out the negativity from your surroundings.

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