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Incense Sticks Will Leave The Heart In Peace Inside-Out

Incense Sticks Will Leave The Heart In Peace Inside-Out



With incense sticks, take a deep breath and let those positive vibes touch your heart! We know positive vibes are out of our hands, but we can choose the scent we want for ourselves, so why wait? Kachua Chaap se aage badho and light incense sticks (agarbatti), the best and affordable fragrance masters. An agarbatti can lighten your mood, adorn the environment and make you feel refreshed. But you need to know about the best brands and fragrances so that they can do justice to your needs and feelings.



1. Cycle Pure Agarbatti

‘Cycle’ is the largest manufacturer of incense sticks in India. It is a part of the NR Group established in 1948 by N Ranga Rao. It has a library of more than 500 fragrances and what makes them unique is all of the fragrances are in house blends. Nowadays, NR Group is a leading brand in the fragrance domain. The most favourite scents sold out by cycle are powdery, perfume, fancy, lily and intimate.



2. Moksh Agarbatti

Not sure you will get moksha after your life, but maybe these incense sticks can help you get closer towards the path of moksha. Incense sticks producers company was established in 1996. It covers a prominent share of the Indian fragrance market. It is famous for its two fragrances: Swarna and Champa. But it has tremendous varieties like Swarna Champa, Swarna Chandan, Swarna Kasturi, Swarna Ganesh etc. It is also known as the leading incense stick exporter of India.



3. Zed Black Agarbatti

With the tagline “Prarthana hogi sweekaar,” this leading brand of incense sticks has immersed into optimism. Established in 1992 under Mysore Deep Perfumery House by Mr Prakash Agarwal and his younger brother. It is the only brand inspired by names of the directions Purab, Paschim, Uttar, Dakshin. It is one of the three top incense stick companies in India.



4. Patanjali Agarbatti

A self-made brand of India that drives all other companies crazy due to high competition. It collaborates with Aastha and produces incense sticks of the best quality. It was established in 2006 and produce herbal influenced products. But, the Patanjali incense sticks have a unique and lasting impact due to their quality. It offers different fragrances: Sandalwood, Rose, Champa and even Marigold.



5. Mangaldeep Agarbatti

A product of India Tobacco Company Limited that makeup into the Forbes 2000 list. It is one of the low smoke incense sticks that generates 80% lower smoke than others. The incense sticks are designed for the devotees of Lord Jagannath especially, with the ingredients that he loves the most. It receives a great response from the market.

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6. Hari Darshan Agarbatti

As the name suggests, the fragrance is so good that it will make you go for Hari darshan! Incense sticks from Hari Darshan Sevashram Limited (established in 1980) go line to line with a traditional blending of fragrances and the science of extracting out the best aroma from all ingredients. They are well known for the quality of their incense sticks in a wide range of fragrances.



7. Hem Agarbatti

The Hem Company is well known for its aromatic products and incense sticks. It was established in 1983 by the three brothers and is now developed as a leading brand in India, alongside growing up globally. It has a well-grabbed market as they have a sell-out of over 400 fragrances that provides a great choice to the customers. It also produces other essentials like oils, diffusers, candles and soaps.



Incense sticks are not made only for bhakti stuff. These can also help in meditation, increasing concentration levels and infusing positivity in every corner!

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