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India and Afghanistan`s History

India and Afghanistan`s History

PMs of afghanistan and india

Afghanistan and India share a long and storied history. The relationships are rooted in historic contacts and exchanges between the people of New Delhi and Kabul and their governments. In October 2011, the two countries signed the Strategic Partnership Agreement, which further strengthened relations between the two countries.

  • Democratization took place in Afghanistan after the Taliban were ousted. India provided aid and assisted in reconstruction efforts.
  • As the largest regional donor of aid to Afghanistan, India has provided $650-750 million in humanitarian and economic assistance.
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  • For a long time, Afghanistan was a part of India in its eastern portions and the western portions were considered part of Afghanistan. 

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  • India imports various dry fruits, such as walnut, pine nuts, apricot, and anjeer to Afghanistan. India may see a shortage of these commodities, especially apricot and anjeer, since Afghanistan is the only source.
  • We are all aware of the current situation in Afghanistan. It seems that the news is getting worse every day.
  • There are still so many people who feel unsafe here in India, which is why I suggest you go to Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, which the Taliban almost seized. It aims to provide information to Muslims in India who feel unsafe or fear harassment, assault, or torture simply because they are Muslim. 
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  • When I scrolled through social media there, I saw memes about this situation that was heartbreaking to see.
  • People are facing too much cruelty. Many women are sold on the middle road and forced to marry one of the Taliban.
  • Their dead bodies are raped. Men tend to be pushed into joining gangs.
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People are suffering dead bodies are hanging in public, etc. Stop supporting them and take action. Humanity is not the subject of the joke.

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