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Indian Art Forms: Prominent Traditional Hath Ki Kalayein!

Indian Art Forms: Prominent Traditional Hath Ki Kalayein!

Indian art forms

Indian art forms indeed come from head, heart and hand.

Kya aapko school ki art class art yaad hai? Na supplies lekar jaate the naa hi art file. Though art classes in Indian schools suck, Indian art forms are magnificent. So, we are here to introduce you to some prominent Indian art forms!

1) Miniature Painting

As they say–aesthetic stuff often is about minimalism.

  • Persia influenced this style of painting.
  • They became popular in Shah Jahan’s and Akbar’s rule. Then, it was adopted by Rajputs.
  • The painting depicts humans with large eyes and a pointed nose, and a slim waist.
miniature painting

2) Madhubani Art

Thank Britishers for discovering this art form of India.

  • It is also called Mithila Art.
  • Women practised it, and it included gods, flora, and fauna. 
  • It was not found till the British discovered it.
madhubani painting

3) Phad Painting

It’s all about scrolls.

  • One of the Indian art forms, originated in Rajasthan.
  • These are religious paintings on a scroll.
  • The canvas is 15 or 30 feet long!

4) Warli Art

If you love to doodle stick figures, do try your hand at Warli!

  • This one originated in the western ghats.
  • It usually depicts daily activities like fishing, agriculture, selling etc.
  • Red ochre or dark background are commonly used.

5) Gond Art

It isn’t a dessert! Neither glue.

  • This one was popular among the Gond Tribe in Madhya Pradesh.
  • It comes to life using charcoal, cow dung, leaves and soil.
  • Made with dots and lines.

6) Kalamkari

You are thinking “right”–It’s about pens and art.

  • Kalamkari translates to drawing with a pen.
  • There are two subcategories of this art form:
  1. Machilipatnam – Block printing art
  2. Srikalahasti- free-flowing art

7) Tanjore Art

See Also

So, you got foil paper?

  • Nayankars of Thanjavur developed it in 1600 AD.
  • Gold Foil is an essential supply.
  • It uses wooden planks as the base. The paintings are usually of gods and goddesses.

8) Pattachitra Painting

No–not that patra! or pattha.

  • ‘Patta’ means cloth, ‘Chitra’ stands for paintings.
  • Jaganath and Vaishnava cult are the inspirations.
  • Depictions of this artwork are in Konark Temple.


This list of Indian art forms shows how magnificent is our culture and what all is left to learn! Don’t forget to comment down below the Indian art you discovered new!  


Blog Editor: Ritika Gupta

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