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Indian Female Streamers Jo Katei Dhakad Hai

Indian Female Streamers Jo Katei Dhakad Hai


Take a glance at Indian Female Streamers who have literally made the heads of even the best gamers turn. As YouTube keeps growing, so do the number of creators and opportunities to prove oneself!


Get ready to burn your fingers while searching about some of the best and top Indian Female Streamers:



1. Mili Kya Mili

Saloni Kandalgaonkar, 22 years old from Mumbai, is known for her Valorant and PUBG (PC) streams. She is the only Indian Female Content Creator sponsored by Team Vitality. She also uploads vlogs on her YouTube Channel.

Total Subscriber: 1,69,000

Total Views: 13,200,722 views



2. Ankkita C

Ankkita Chauhan, 25 years old, is one of those few female streamers who have achieved a milestone in a short period. She streams various games like PUBG (PC), GTA and Valorant. She also uploads vlogs and unboxing videos of knowledgeable PC components. She is sponsored by Logitech and Intel India.

Total Subscriber: 2,32,000

Total Views: 23,697,443 views



3. RaV3n

8bitRaV3n is Paridhi Khullar. She is one of the oldest female PUBG mobile gamers and streamers. She was the first female PUBG player to take part in the PUBG mobile tournament. Now, she is more focused on Content Creation and Streams, uploading the highlights on her channel.

Total Subscriber: 2,37,000

Total views: 8,178,441 views



4. Xyaa

The software engineer, she quit her job to become a full-time Streamer. Shagufta Iqbal is one of the oldest India Female Streamers. She streams multiple games like PUBG (PC), CSGO, GTA V and others. She is sponsored by Logitech and Intel India.

Total Subscriber: 2,65,000

Total Views: 5,536,399 views



5. Mysterious YT

Shazia Ayub is one of the most known faces in PUBG mobile streaming. She was an interior designer by profession but quit her job to focus on her passion. She uploads vlogs and streams daily on her YouTube Channel.

Total Subscriber: 3,35,000

Total Views: 16,357,722 views



6. Rog Stream

Rog Annie Stream is an Indian Female Streamer of PUBG mobile. Along with it, she streams many other games as well. She has recently partnered with Facebook Gaming for streaming. She is sponsored as a content creator by Esports XO. She uploads shorts and vlogs on her YouTube channel regularly.

Total Subscriber: 3,64,000

Total Views: 28,792,315 views



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7. Pooja

Model, actress and gamer, Pooja Khatri is a known face in PUBG mobile streaming. Besides gaming, she works as an actress and model. You might have seen her in shows like CID, Iccha Pyari Nagin and more. Currently, she works as a full-time streamer, entertaining her fan base.

Total Subscriber: 6,77,000

Total Views: 15,123,416 views



8. Payal Gaming

20-year-old Payal is from Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. She is an Esports player and a known Indian Female Streamer on YouTube. Through her hard work and dedication, she recently crossed the benchmark of 1 million subscribers! She streams multiple games such as PUBG, Valorant, GTA, Among Us and more. She was recently sponsored by S8UL as a content creator.

Total Subscriber: 1.02 million

Total Views: 70,502,487 views



9. BlackPink Gaming

Diya is one of the most successful Free Fire Streamers on YouTube India. BlackPink Gaming is the most subscribed female gaming YouTube Channel. A 19-year-old, Diya started her YouTube channel in August 2019 and soon crossed the 1 million benchmark with her passion, hard work and dedication.

Total subscriber: 1.12 million

Total Views: 70,502,487 views



Streaming means a lot of work! The above names are amongst the most competitive names in the Indian Gaming Scenario. Be it small or big, platforms like YouTube and Twitch have really helped the deserving ones rank a pedestal they deserve! What do you think?


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