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Recommended Indian Movies For Businessmen For Gen-Z

Recommended Indian Movies For Businessmen For Gen-Z

Indian Movies For Businessmen

Here is the list of handpicked Indian Movies For Businessmen and that every aspiring entrepreneur should watch. 

There is no shortcut to success, and neither is there a perfect formula that would not lead you to failure. Yet, inspirational stories can give us the additional push we all need to get out of our comfort zone.

When it comes to narrating the life of a business tycoon, the Indian film industry has its own set of inspirational stories (be it a biopic or a fictional tale). The lives of such businessmen are filled with triumph, failure, fightback anecdotes, thereby having all the potential to influence all of us. So, what is the wait for? Take a dive inside the world of the following Indian Movies For Businessmen, highly recommended by a Cinema-lover Gen-Z for the Aspiring Tycoon Gen-Z!

  1. Guru (2007):

It would be an unforgivable crime if we talk about business stories and forget to mention Guru in them. Loosely based on the life of Dhirubhai Ambani, who pursues his goals and ambitions ruthlessly. Guru encourages the entrepreneur within us to believe in our dreams. Abhishek Bachchan, in the role of Ambani, pulls out his career-best performance. A film that cannot be skipped at any cost.

  • Duration – 2 hours 46 Minutes
  • Genre – Drama
  • Directed by Mani Ratnam
  • IMDb Rating – 7.7/10
  • Available On Netflix
Guru (2007)

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  1. Corporate (2006):

Corporate depicts the dark side of doing business. The movie also highlights the importance of being ethical and honest in a corporate world. Altogether a film revolving around two giants in the corporate world facing wrath after indulging in malpractices.

  • Duration – 2 hours 22 Minutes
  • Genre – Drama
  • Directed by Madhur Bhandarkar
  • IMDb Rating – 6.6/10
  • Available On Youtube
Corporate (2006)

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  1. Shivaji-The Boss (2007):

The Rajinikanth starrer Tamil film is about an architect who wants to serve people and not maximise unnecessary profit out of the average and middle class. He goes to be one of the most prominent businessmen even after facing challenges from the system. It is like a self-help book for all businessmen regarding consumer service and social responsibility.  

  • Duration – 3 hours 09 Minutes
  • Genre – Action/Romance
  • Directed by- Shankar 
  • IMDb Rating – 7.5/10
  • Available On Amazon Prime
Shivaji-The Boss (2007)

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  1. Rajneeti (2010):

This film is about political revenge and manipulation. It brings into the light the politics in an unfamiliar and competitive world and the fight for power. Thus, it was placed on our list of Indian Movies For Businessmen.

  • Duration – 2 hours 50 Minutes
  • Genre – Drama/Politics
  • Directed by Prakash Jha
  • IMDb Rating – 7.1/10
  • Available On Netflix
  1. Baazaar (2018):

Another well-received movie, it tanked at the box office. This film portrays how Dalal Street functions and what happens behind the scenes. The movie depicts the life of a businessman and is India ka jawaab to The Wolf Of Wall Street. Do not miss this one!

  • Duration – 2 hours 17 Minutes
  • Genre – Drama/thriller 
  • Directed by Gauravv Chawla 
  • IMDb Rating – 6.6/10
  • Available On Amazon Prime
  1. Harishchandrachi Factory (2009):

Portraying a pioneer filmmaker of the Indian Film Industry, Dadasaheb Phalke, this Marathi film begins with the protagonist quits working in the printing business. He begins struggling. This movie shows how having a natural vision and understanding of a subject can lead an entrepreneur into a full-fledged businessman. 

See Also

  • Duration – 2 hours 08 Minutes
  • Genre – Drama/Comedy
  • Directed by Paresh Mokakshi 
  • IMDb Rating – 8.1/10
  • Available On Netflix
Harishchandrachi Factory (2009)

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  1. Pyaasa (1957):

An enthusiastic young lad mad about poetry and how even in unfavourable circumstances, never lets the passion within him die. A Lot to take away from the Lead friends! He chose to give it all to the art he believed in until he died. Every businessman needs to seek integrity, admiration and this movie becomes the source to learn.

  • Duration – 2 hours 33 Minutes
  • Genre – Musical Romance
  • Directed by Guru Dutt
  • IMDb Rating – 8.4/10
  • Available On Amazon Prime
Pyaasa (1957)

With Indian Cinema churning out golden films decade after decade, this was the list of must-watch Indian Movies for Businessmen. Do let us know which one’s your favourite!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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