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Indian Nutritionists To Follow For A Perfect Diet

Indian Nutritionists To Follow For A Perfect Diet


Foreign nutritionists can never be great for the Indian Diet seekers because no one better than the Indian Nutritionists can understand the Indian Food and Indian Diet.


Here are some of the most famous Indian Nutritionists to follow a good diet-plan and building perfect immunity!

  1. Rujuta Diwaker: An exercise science expert, Rujuta is India’s leading nutritionists. She is also the winner of nutrition award from the Asian Institute of Gastroenterology that asks you to treat the food you eat with respect.

2. Ryan Fernando: Award-winning celebrity having an endless list of personalities associated with him, Ryan provides scientifically designed diets under the name, Qua Nutrition.

3. Pooja Makhija: Truly hard working nutritionist from Mumbai has completed her MSc degree in food science and nutrition, serves more than ten thousand clients from various professions

4. Ishi Khosla: A Delhi-based nutritionist began to love weight loss when she transformed to slim completed her studies from Delhi and now runs Whole Foods where you can buy all nutrition at a go

5. Shubi Hussain: From weight loss products to wellness clinics, consulting celebrities gained her the experience of almost two decades in the nutrition field.

6. Shikha Sharma: An allopathic doctor also the founder of Nutri Health and a preventive health specialist treat her patient irrespective of the time taken

7. Anjali Mukherjee: Official nutritionists to the Miss India contestants, Anjali is a PhD holder in the nutrition field. She is also the author of Healing With Food and the owner of the Health Total.

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These top Indian Nutritionists will never miss to impress you with their profound diet plans and ideas!

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