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Infant Beds Hi Sahi Agar Maa Ki Godi Nahi!

Infant Beds Hi Sahi Agar Maa Ki Godi Nahi!



Infant beds are also known as cribs and cradles. Infant beds are Chota Sa Bed with all-around boundaries to protect the baby from falling like you protect your heart to fall for every person.



Infants need to be kept with the utmost care, as they are kaafi toofani at their young age, always trying to run here and there. We all know that nani and dadi are there to keep your pota or poti in their arms, but being a parent, you must be feeling that your baby should sleep in a more stable space.



So here are the benefits of buying an infant bed for your cutie:


1. Own Space

      Not only you need privacy, but your baby needs that space too.

      Infant beds give your baby comfort. This will also help your baby to live in peace.


2. More Sleep

      Babies need profound sleep so that your night does not turn dard-bhari.

      Infant beds provide sound sleep and also help your babies to undergo proper growth.


3. Motor Development

      Infant beds allow space for basic movement. Your tel vali malish will then become more effective with infant beds.

      Infant beds lead to strengthening the head of your baby and sar majboot toh baby-cute.


4. Fallen Angels

      Infant beds keep your baby safe from falling.

      If your baby turns out to be a little athletic, better keep him/her safe.


5. Avoid Suffocation

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      Mummy papa ke beech mai baby-sounds might be cute, but these are not good for the baby. Especially if it leads to less oxygen supply.

      Infant beds allow a proper supply of oxygen. Thus, everyone will have sukoon bhari neend.


6. No Entrapment

      You can trap your baby under the sleep-spell with your arms or legs to avoid the use of infant beds.

      Infant beds keep your baby’s limbs free from entrapment.


7. Convertible

      Infant beds can be converted into little cradles, giving them peaceful sleep-delight.

      Some infant beds can also be transformed into standard beds as the child keeps growing.



Maa baap ki zimmedari ki bache ko aaye neend pyaari. So being a parent is a pleasant experience, but also a responsibility. Be a responsible parent then, and infant beds can ease your task to some extent.

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