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Inferno By Dan Brown: A Glimpse Into The Novel

Inferno By Dan Brown: A Glimpse Into The Novel


The fourth novel, Inferno, in the Robert Langdon Series, and another bestseller on the list of New York Times Best Seller in the opening 11 weeks. Inferno by Dan Brown is a critically received mystery novel, which has sold around 6 million copies, adapted into a movie in 2016, and remains an exciting read for the browsers of Dan Brown Books.

If you are unsure about picking up this novel, new to the mystery genre, or just want to stay updated, without buying the book, then here’s what you need to know about what’s Inferno all about–

  1. The novel’s protagonist is the Harvard professor-Robert Langdon, who, on request by the World Health Organization (WHO), tries to locate a deadly pathogen (a harmful bacteria like Corona).

  2. The virus was assumed to have been produced by Bertrand Zobrist, a trans-humanist, who became a villain, as he thought the world was in danger of collapse because of overpopulation.

  3. Zobrist led WHO director, Elizabeth Sinskey, to believe that he had made a plague to end half of the population. Sinskey hoped to find and contain the virus before it had tragic effects.

  4. Sinskey’s plan for Langdon to help locate the pathogen was hindered when he was detained by Provost, who gave a sanctuary to Zobrist to work on his project.

  5. Provost and his people wiped Langdon’s memory.

They told Langdon that he had amnesia caused by a gunshot. They tried to convince him that the people sent by Sinskey were trying to kill him.

  1. Using hidden clues left by a person named Dante, Langdon and his new friend, Sienna Brooks, tracked the virus to the city of Istanbul.

  2. As Langdon was caught by Sinskey’s men, before they could travel to the city, Sienna and Langdon were separated.

  3. Langdon came across a video that Zobrist had requested to release in the media.

  4. He learned a shocking reality that Sienna had been Zobrist’s lover and disciple. She wanted to find the virus, spread it, and fulfil the dream of his lover.

  5. Langdon discovered the place where Zobrist left his virus — a cistern in Istanbul.

Zobrist even sponsored the symphony orchestra to play at that cistern area for one week to draw the maximum number of tourists to infect as many people as he could.

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  1. After encountering Sienna on her way out of the cistern, one of the disease control workers discovered that the bag containing the plague had already ruptured.

Langdon followed Sienna as he thought that she had broken the bag, but once found, she told Langdon that the case had burst already when she arrived.

  1. Langdon persuaded her to work with WHO and held them to deal with the after-effects of the virus.

The team successfully isolates the virus, and the story ends.

In a way, this transhumanist was right in his logic, but perhaps the manner wasn’t neat, as pathogens can swipe away the whole humankind in a go.

We are all dealing with the same kind of trauma and fear. That’s the way of nature, my friend. But remember, the same novel also says somewhere.

“Only one form of contagion travels faster than a virus. And that’s fear.”

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