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Insects In Chocolate: Chocolate, Pyar Or Dhoka?

Insects In Chocolate: Chocolate, Pyar Or Dhoka?


“Insects In Chocolate??? WTH!” Yes!


Chocolate! Sweetness? Nostalgia? Memories? What do you think when you hear about chocolate? Everyone at least has one memory of eating chocolate! It is something that is enjoyed by almost everyone, including kids, grown-ups, and old people. But, these unpleasant chocolate incidents of “insects in chocolate” will surely alert you.

 1. One family got a not-so-fun surprise in their Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Balls: Insect Larvae. “I just spit mine out and threw up,” Mario Crawford told WOWT.

Spoiled Ferrero Rocher

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2. His mom, Nicole Dyer, said she bought the treats at an Omaha Walmart on December 1 and opened them 10-day- later. The expiration date was not until January.

Maggots in chocolate

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3. Her kids had already gotten into the candy and were about to start eating. That’s when she got worried about the “side effects of eating maggots” and looked for the same on Google.

Maggots in chocolate

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4. Fortunately for the family, the Larvae turned out to be harmless. An expert with the University of Nebraska Extension Service found that the creatures were Indian Meal Moth Caterpillars, which she said do not cause problems to humans.

5. The manufacturer said such incidents (of insects in chocolate) are rare but can happen because the pests can penetrate “nearly any type of confectionery packaging,” including the plastic that came in.

insects in chocolate

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6. They advised customers to follow the storage instructions on the candy.

7. The latest Facebook post shared by Rachael Vile will make you stop eating chocolates. Rachael and her roommate got shocked when they found Maggots and Worms in their Chocolates.

Spoiled Chocolate

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8. Rachel Vile shared a few pictures and videos of the insects in chocolate on her Facebook account. She asked everyone to share and make everyone aware.

Later, the Company looked into this matter and apologized for this mistake. However, can we call this “mithaas mai kadhwahat”!!!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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