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Interesting facts behind that exhilarating ride!!

Interesting facts behind that exhilarating ride!!


Hot Air Balloon, definitely one of the coolest creations of man. How cool is being air-lifted by a giant balloon in a basket carrying humans –Ah! what a view!!

 Now it’s a passing thing, but in the ’90s a song was incomplete without hot air balloon romances– cool or a cliche, I’ll leave it to your discernment — jo bhi kaho Hrithik did look cute in Na Tum Jano Na Hum.

Let’s learn something about these big giant fun things:

1. Hot-air balloons are lighter-than-air aircraft containing heated air inside a bag called an envelope.

2. The gondola or wicker basket carries passengers and a source of heat, usually an open flame caused by burning liquid propane.

3. Heat makes the air inside the envelope buoyant since it has a lower density than cold outside air.

4. The envelope is made from nylon. The inlet of the balloon is made from fire-resistant material, Nomex.

5. On November 21, 1783, Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozier and François Laurent d’Arlandes operated the first manned hot air balloon, created by Montgolfier brothers in skies of Paris.

6. Now let’s talk about how exactly this thing works:

ENVELOPE: There are two holes in the balloon envelope: The top of the balloon, called the crown, has a hole called a parachute vent (or parachute valve) that can be opened by pulling a cord, allowing hot air to escape and making the balloon descend. The throat, the opening at the bottom is immediately above the burners and reinforced with a skirt made from fireproof material, such as Nomex, to prevent melting or burning.

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7. BURNER: The hot air in the envelope comes from gas jets powered by propane cylinders (similar to portable camping stoves). It is common to find two or more burners on a balloon, both to increase lift and to provide safety (should a burner fail). The fuel cylinders hold about 70–90 litres of fuel and weigh about 50–60kg (110–140lb) when full.

8. BASKET: Hot-air balloons traditionally carry their passengers and cargo in wicker baskets suspended directly beneath the burners and the envelope. A Wicker balloon makes a great landing pad as it is light, durable and squashy.


For better visual insight into the whole process and working of Hot Air Balloon, do check out the video.

I have never had the pleasure of taking a Hot Air Balloon ride, although it has been on my bucket list since forever. If anyone has, do let me know your experience of it in the comments down below.


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