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Intrapreneurship: More Like An Internal Entrepreneurship?

Intrapreneurship: More Like An Internal Entrepreneurship?


Intrapreneurship is when a system of a company allows its employees to be entrepreneurs within their boundaries.

‘At the end of the day, you’re all one team. Make people understand and feel that they’re part of something larger,’ Shawe told Business News Daily.

To know more about what is intrapreneurship, read on:

1. When a company or organization empowers their employees to take ownership of their responsibilities, giving them the freedom and support to succeed is intrapreneurship.


2. These individuals are motivated and proactive in innovation pursuit as they know, any failure does not affect them personally. The hit for the loss will be taken by the company.


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3. Generally, intrapreneurs also have the same spirit and drive that entrepreneurs have. But, rather than starting their own company, they put it to use for their employer by looking for problems to solve.

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4. In general, entrepreneurs usually start and run their businesses, whereas intrapreneurs work for someone else.

5. The primary difference between entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs is that the organization is the one that wins or loses. It depends on the success of the intrapreneur, who gets the experience of entrepreneurship without taking on personal risk.

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6. ‘Intrapreneurship is when employees have an entrepreneurial spirit internally,’ said Phil Shawe, co-founder and CEO of TransPerfect. ‘It’s as if each member of your staff is running his or her own business. They can do it on their own or within their department. It’s all about having a good system in place.’

7. The market today is highly volatile and competitive. Constant improvement and creative inputs have become quite essential for companies to stay in the competition. And, Intrapreneurs have the solution to many such problems.

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8. There are 3 types of intrapreneurs: Creators, Doers, and Implementers. Companies and teams benefit from having at least one of each type:

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  • Creator: the innovator or the one who comes up with all of the ideas. Creators are always looking for a better way to do things. 
  • Doers: the one who takes the ideas and run with them. They want to achieve results and love focusing on the task at hand. 
  • Implementers: they execute the plan and make everything happen. They know how to get things done.
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9. Shawe has offered 4-tips for fostering intrapreneurship in your workplace:

  • be transparent
  • reward proactive behaviour
  • fix problems as they arise
  • encourage healthy competition

For example, a ‘Happy Meal’!

As we all know, it is a kids-centric meal box from McDonald’s. It was the thought of an intrapreneur. Dick Brams, one of the regional managers of the Brand at St Louis, developed the idea of serving the kids with a complete meal. In 1977, he came with the innovation of making a box of food & beverage items in small quantities.

When he presented the whole thing in front of the management, his idea was instantly considered. Later, ‘Happy Meal Box’ proved a great success.

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