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Is Inventor Of Diesel Engine, ‘Vin Diesel’??

Is Inventor Of Diesel Engine, ‘Vin Diesel’??

Inventor of Diesel Engine

The surging prices of petrol and “Diesel” have nothing to do with the inventor of the diesel engine. While you find the person to be blamed for the hike in prices, let me tell you, Vin Diesel is the wrong guy.

Figure out whom to question and whom not to vote in the next election. Let me take a moment and tell you about the man without whom Chaiyya Chaiyya could not have been possible–

The Inventor of Diesel Engines, ladies and gentlemen:

1. Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel. He was born and spent his early childhood in France but had to leave the country due to the ongoing war between France and Germany (1870).

Inventor of Diesel Engine

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2. When he was 14, he expressed his desire to be an engineer and later wrote a letter to his parents.

Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel

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3. He couldn’t complete his education because he was suffering from Typhoid at that very time. However, Diesel graduated in January 1880. He was awarded the highest honour of the University. Rudolph then returned to Paris, where he assisted his former Munich professor, Carl von Linde, an engineer who understands refrigeration.

Rudolf Diesel

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4. He helped with the structure and formation of modern refrigeration. Diesel went on to be the director of the plant in the coming years.


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5. ‘Theory and Construction of a Rational Heat Engine to Replace the Steam Engine and Contemporary Combustion Engine’ was the name of the innovation that became ‘Diesel Engine’.

Rational Heat Engine

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6. Diesel patented this design for preparing the engines on February 28, 1892. Since then, he has been called ‘Inventor of Diesel Engine’.

Inventor of Diesel Engine

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7. The prototypes he built could also be operated on peanut or vegetable oil and needed no ignition system.

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8. One fine day a sailor spotted a body floating on the shores of the north sea. When investigated appropriately, it was established as Rudolf’s dead body.

9. Most people believe that he was murdered, but officially he was declared ‘Death by Suicide’.

Fascinating, isn’t it? The man responsible for making us travel the world went off in suspicion. Don’t forget to Share this summarised info about the inventor of Diesel Engine!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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