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JRPG Tells Us, From Anime Series To Animated Games, We All Grew Up

JRPG Tells Us, From Anime Series To Animated Games, We All Grew Up


JRPG games have their own fan base in this world. The way words are pronounced is what sometimes attracts us more towards them. It would be interesting then to explore the history of the Japanese Role-playing Games, aka, JRPG and how they evolved.

1. Early Japanese Role-playing Games were influenced by tabletop RPGs (Role-playing Games) such as Dungeons and Dragons and the visual novel adventure games. Many companies, such as Nihon Falcom Corporation and Square, used to develop these games.


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2. Steadily, many company developers started developing the JRPG genre. In 1980, the launch of games like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy changed the whole scenario of JRPG.

Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy

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3. After the launch of The Tower of Druaga in 1984, the concept of combining Role-playing games with arcade games got popularised. Developers began experimenting by mixing RPGs with different gaming genres.

The Tower of Druaga

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4. Action-based JRPG is real-time action games. It is more exciting than turn-based JRPG, and your motive is to defeat the opponent before he knocks you down.

Action-based games

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5. Turn-based JRPG, on the other hand, are the games where players have to wait for their chance. Nonetheless, it has its own bunch of audience.

Turn-based JRPG

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6. Health Points (HP) are necessary when it comes to Action-based JRPG. Every team member has to save his HP from getting low because if it gets to 0, your crewmates would be killed.

7. With 10 million copies sold, The Final Fantasy 7 is one of the most famous JRPG in the world. The story is of a mercenary who joins an eco-terrorist organization to stop a world-controlling megacorporation.

8. Developed by Square Enix in July 2017 is one of the oldest JRPG gaming series, an action-based JRPG: Dragon Quest XI. The players explore the worlds, defeating the various types of monsters for victory.

Square Enix game

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9. Everyone loves seeing Pokémon cartoons on the television. In Pokémon, the character plays as a trainer whose task is to catch the powerful pokemon, fighting and defeating the opponent.


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From console gaming to VR games, gaming in Japan has always been in the mainstream. Amidst it, JRPGs have really made their place. Thus for a passionate gamer, they must explore JRPGs!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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