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Kalamkari Art Is About Kalam Ki Karigari

Kalamkari Art Is About Kalam Ki Karigari


Kalamkari Art is here to introduce you to the era of hand-made paintings and products!

1. Kalamkari is made of two words: ‘Kalam’ indicating pen and ‘Kari’ expressing art. Thus, it can be said as ‘Pen Craft’.

Kalamkari Art

2. The unique representation in Kalamkari is done only with natural colours or vegetable dyes.

3. It is the most attractive tradition of Indian Art Styles. Kalamkari includes block printing or hand printing, typically performed on a piece of cotton fabrics.


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The Origin of Kalamkari –

4. Kalamkari  originated (and remained focused) within Andhra Pradesh, especially in Kalahasti and Machilipatnam.

5. Srikalahasti was the chief centre for this Indian art form. It was also because the place received a constant supply of pure river water.


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6. Andhra Pradesh still remains the foremost centre to find the original and authentic art of Kalamkari Printing in the countryside.

Kalamkari Printing

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7. There has been an increasing demand for Kalamkari Prints based on the Hindu-Mythologies from Ancient India in the world market. Thus, a museum dedicated to this particular art form has been established in Pedana, Andhra Pradesh, to further encourage the art and prints of Kalamkari.

Styles of Kalamkari Art-

  1. Two known styles of Kalamkari are Machilipatnam (or Pedana) Kalamkari and Kalahasti (or Srikalahasti) Kalamkari.
  • Srikalahasti Kalamkari: Produced in the Chittoor District, Srikalahasti, Andhra Pradesh, this form uses Dyed Hand-Painting of Fabric.
  • Pedana Kalamkari: Produced in Krishna District, Pedana, Andhra Pradesh, this form uses Vegetable-Dyed Block-Painting of Fabric.
Styles of Kalamkari Art

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Rising Art Of Kalamkari-

  1. An increasing number of people are now discouraging dangerous chemicals in the composition and manufacturing of fabrics. Kalamkari has emerged as the perfect craft to produce wonderfully coloured textiles without any harmful chemicals.

तस्वीर एक कविता है जिसके शब्द नहीं!

Fabrics these days are more than just a necessity to cover nudity. It tells a lot about one’s personality and also, is considered a fashion or status symbol. In such a mood of the world, try expressing yourself with the Art Of Kalamkari!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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