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Kali Yuga And When It Began?

Kali Yuga And When It Began?

Sarthak Mittal
Kali Yuga

Kali Yuga began spreading across the world after the presence of Lord Krishna. It was restricted only to the war ground. Track down when Kali Yuga literally beg

1. Precisely, the destruction of the Kuru clan and birth of Abhimanyu’s son marked as the beginning of Kali Yuga.

Kali Yuga

2. King Parikshit was killed in the womb of his mother Uttara after Ashwathama aimed Brahmastra at him to destroy the descendants of Pandavas. But, Lord Krishna entered the womb. He saved the fetus from the heat of the weapon. Parikshit thus was brought back to life.

Mother womb

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3. After some time, when Pandavas heard of the death of Lord Krishna, along with Draupadi, they gave up royalty. Their only surviving grandson, Parikshit was made in-charge of the Kingdom.

4. Parikshit was informed that Kali Yuga is about to arrive by his grandfathers. So, he prepared the Kingdom to face the Demon. When Kali Yuga reached the boundaries of the Kingdom, Parikshit decided to stop him. The king hunted the Demon down and explained to him the rule of Brahma.

5. Kali Yuga replied by telling Parikshit that Brahma created 4 yugas that are Satya, Treta, Dwapar, and Kali Yuga. All yugas are ruled for many years. He asked that when now he had come to rule, the king is telling him to go away.


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6. In respect of Brahma, Parikshit released Kali Yuga and warned him to not destroy mankind before its time to end. Parikshit said to Kali-yuga, “You shall only live in these 5 places and never cross your boundaries.”

Kali Yuga

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7. He continues by explaining that people who would willingly come to these 5 places where the effect of Kali Yuga is eminent, will become the victims of Kali Yuga. These 5 places were where Liquor is served, Brothels, Slaughterhouse, Gambling Areas and Gold.

8. Kali Yuga knew that he had acquired the entire world except for the Parikshit’s Kingdom, as until he was alive, it will not be possible to rule. Kali Yuga then entered Parikshit’s crown that was made of gold.

Parikshit's crown

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9. Kali Yuga manipulated Parikshit’s sanity enough to insult a sage.

Thus, this became the reason for Parikshit’s death.

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