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Keep Your Eyes On These Top-notch companies for data scientists In India

Keep Your Eyes On These Top-notch companies for data scientists In India


The only scientists existing are not like Dr Brown from Back to the future with a mad personality, long white coats and round goggles. In every field, a scientist is required. The one type of scientist every company demands is a data scientist.

Are you looking to work in this field? Let’s look at the best companies for data scientists in India.

1. Cartesian Consulting: They have an impact-oriented approach. The company was founded in 2009 by Sandeep Mittal. 

2. Oracle Cloud Solutions Hub: This company encourages growth and development among employees.

3. Accenture: This company inspires data scientists to be efficient and resourceful.

4. WIPRO Limited: It is among the best companies for data scientists in India who are beginners. It works in multiple domains, opening up in front of you many career opportunities.

5. Amazon: A big name in companies for data scientists in India, Amazon focuses on E-commerce and encourages data scientists to be innovative.

6. Linkedin: This company encourages data scientists to decode bulk data and complex models.

7. Deloitte: They encourage data scientists to simplify complex models, along with data management.

8. Flipkart: This company focuses on E-commerce. It encourages data scientists to grow and develop their careers by letting them be involved in boosting the Net Promoter Score. 

9. Myntra: Data scientists classify, separate, and maintain data that can be used for creating models to aid clients in making informed decisions.

Being a scientist is not only about standing in a lab all day wearing a white coat and experimenting. Explore all the fields and these companies for data scientists in India. Let us know in the comments if you are a data scientist or if you aspire to be one. What are your dream corporations for scientists in India?

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