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Keerat: The 15th Avatar of Lord Shiva

Keerat: The 15th Avatar of Lord Shiva

Sarthak Mittal

The story of Keerat goes to the Indian Mythological Epic, Mahabharata. Let’s know more about Him as we scroll through this blog.

1. Keerat was the 15th incarnation (avatar) of Lord Shiva.

Keerat, Shiva

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2. Once, Pandu-Putra, Arjuna, was doing a tremendous penance to please Lord Shiva.

3. Fearing of the rewards he might attain, Duryodhana, Kaurava, sent a demon named Mooka to kill Arjuna.

4. Mooka changed himself into a form of boar to hide his identity.


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5. Arjuna was suddenly disturbed by a loud sound that he heard. He came out of his meditative state.

6. He opened his eyes and saw the deceptive Mooka being chased by Keerat. Keerat was none other than Lord Shiva himself.

7. Keerat and Arjuna struck the boar with their arrows at the same time. Arjuna was the biggest archer in the world, and so, seeing someone who hit the target like him, was pretty indigestible for him.

8. Arjuna then challenged Keerat, the Mahadev himself, for a duel. Shiva was impressed by his courage. Soon, He revealed His identity in front of Arjuna.

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9. Arjuna felt ashamed because he failed to recognise the Lord and instead fought with Shiva. But, Lord Shiva was impressed by Arjuna.

Lord Shiva thus blessed Arjuna with Pashupatastra (most destructive weapon owned by Shiva) to Arjuna, after seeing and accepting his devotion and dedication.

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